Mobius Encyclopaedia

The Central Sea was one of the four great oceans of Mobius, the others being the Great Mobocean, the Frozen North Sea and the Great South Ocean, which together formed the Mobian Sea. The Central Sea was the second smallest of these oceans, the smallest being the Frozen North Sea. Due to its location, the Central Sea was highly busy in trade and warfare and had numerous ports. (CSE)

Adjesent continents and bodies of water[]

All continents exept both tundras and Downunda had coast towards the sea making it important for internationall communication. To the north the ocean faced towards the Great Continental Bridge. It was connected to the Great South Sea with a small channel between Efrika and Soumerca, it was also connected with the Great Moboocean with a straight between Soumerca and Northamer. (CSE)

Large Ports[]

Large cities with ports in Eurish consisted of the Echidna city of Albion, the Mercian city of Snottingham and the UF cities Empire City, Spagonia and Westopolis. The capital of the Kingdom of Leonus was loctaded on the shores of the Central Sea as was Station Square. The city of New Megaopolis and its predecessor Old Megaopolis which was Overlander cities before the Great War and Eggman Empire cities after was located on the shores. (CSE)

Countries with coast towards the Central Sea[]

Large Islands[]

The largest of the islands in the ocean was the island which major UF cities such as Spagonia and Central City was located. Albion, home of the echidnas, was also located in the ocean but it was hidden through holographic projections to remain unknown from the outside world. The northamer island of Leung West also existed in the sea, as well as the Devils Gulag. (CSE)

Background Information[]

  • The name is most likely derived from that all major continents have coast towards the ocean.
  • The Central Sea is probably a rest from the atlantic ocean on earth being that Megaopolis, which is present day New York, is located on its shores.