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First Appearance

Sonic Triple Trouble

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #9

Biographical information
  • Unnamed uncle
  • Eggmuffin (sister)


Physical description


  • Feathers: White
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flying

Catweazle was a white Mobini cockatoo who used to fly around the Floating Island's countryside and tended to be a pain in the neck for Knuckles whenever he wanted some alone time. He was most recently residing in the Sandopolis Zone as the lackey to General Helmut Von Stryker of the Dingoes.


Arrival and Life on the Floating Island

Like Vector the Crocodile, Catweazle arrived on the Floating Island from a plane that airlifted himself and other refugees away from Downunda when Dr. Ivo Robotnik's expanding territory reached the continent. He was introduced to Knuckles the Echidna by Vector shortly after the two met, and became one of Knuckles' first friends as well. His relationship with Vector was a tenuous friendship at best, as the two often bickered with one another; at one point Catweazle even attempted to break Vector's Walkman. His only known family consisted of an uncle and his sister Eggmuffin. (StH: #122, #123, CSE)

Catweazle was somewhat of a friend, but more often than not was a thorn in Knuckles's side, as he had a knack for showing up whenever Knuckles wanted to be alone. When Hunter was rampaging on the Floating Island, he shot and killed his friend Snowpigeon. Catweazle went on to warn Knuckles in his lair about Hunter. (KtE: #29, #30, STT)

Von Stryker's Lackey

At some point, Catweazle joined General Von Stryker in exile in the Sandopolis desert, acting as a member of his resistance movement to the Eggman Empire-backed Dingo Regime under the rule of Von Stryker's son Kage. Catweazle informed Von Stryker of Knuckles's arrival when the latter showed up to apologize to Von Stryker about killing his son as Enerjak. (StH: #186)

He later brought Von Stryker Doctor Finitevus's files on Project Enerjak: Reborn upon the arrival of Knuckles, Mighty and Julie-Su, commenting that Knuckles was always blunt. (SU: #9)


Ian Flynn describes Catweazle as a sarcastic "loud-mouth" and thinks of him as "the rude neighbor down the hall. He can be pleasant enough, and if there's a problem he comes to the landlord (Knuckles), but he's a jerk in general." (1)

Background Information

  • Catweazle was mistakenly colored red in StH #122.
  • Ian Flynn made Catweazle General Von Stryker's lackey so he could play as his foil, similar to the relationship between Dr. Eggman and Snively Robotnik. (1)
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