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Sonic the Hedgehog (Miniseries) #0

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Dr. Eggman



Physical description


  • Color: purple
  • Eyes: black
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Can wrap itself around enemies

Caterkiller is a caterpillar-based badnik created by Dr. Eggman. It is distinguished by its numerous spiked segments that can detach from each other with ease.


Early Use

During Dr. Eggman's early rule over Mobotropolis, a number of Caterkiller would engage the newly formed Freedom Fighters with little success as the heroes fought to reclaim their city. (SSD: #9)

Shattered World Crisis

From a reader's perspective, this picks up from where the original Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity left off.

Over time, a number of scrapped Caterkiller were left behind in a deserted Eggman junkyard which Zavok, Zeena, and Zor reanimated with their magnetic powers and used to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog during their visit there. These events were later prevented from ever happening thanks to a time traveling Xander Payne. (WUB: StH)


As a caterpillar-based badnik, its numerous segments can be used to hit opponents. Its length, varying from issue to issue, can be used to its advantage as the far end is likely moving the fastest, and there is a chance of wrapping itself around its opponent as Ray learned. Fortunately, the segments detach with little force.

Background Information

  • Caterkiller is based on the badnik from multiple Sonic games. In Sonic the Hedgehog, Caterkiller (known as "Nal" in Japan), appeared in the Marble Zone (Genesis only) and the Scrap Brain Zone (both Genesis and Game Gear) and consisted of only 4 segments, including the head. The color scheme used in the Genesis version was Caterkiller's color scheme in the comics (Game Gear had a pink Caterkiller). A blue variation appeared in Sonic and Knuckles in the Sandopolis Zone, and another grey variation with a purple head appeared in the Green Grove Zone in Sonic Blast. In all versions, the head is the only point that can be attacked safely, though the spikes cause no trouble in the comics. Like the comics, the original Caterkiller is known to see its segments scatter, but only if attacked wrong.
  • Giant Caterkillers with a different design were used by an alternative dimensional version of Dr. Eggman, whilst he was trying to usurp the Olympic games in #242, they also had the ability to fire lasers from their heads.
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