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Anti-Castle Acorn

Castle Acorn, from Sonic the Hedgehog #193.

Castle Acorn[1] is a location that appears in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics Publications. It is a castle located in Mobotropolis, and the Moebius counterpart of Mobius Prime's Castle Acorn.


Castle Acorn largely resembles a ruined version of its Moebius counterpart, being a large crumbling gray castle full of broken walls and torn banners. The castle also possesses a dilapidated throne room and an large laboratory, all connected by long corridors or spiraling stairwells.[1]



Originally the seat for Maxx Acorn's kingdom, Castle Acorn was taken over by Anti-Sonic and Princess Alicia Acorn, both of whom collaborated to banish the king to the Zone of Silence.[2][3]

Zone Wars[]

Anti-Sonic and the remaining Anti-Freedom Fighters would later set up camp in Castle Acorn, making it their base of operations. However, the other Anti-Freedom Fighters would eventually tire of Anti-Sonic, and leave Castle Acorn to search for a new leader. In response, Robo-Robotnik teleported to Castle Acorn, and struck a deal with Anti-Sonic regarding his retrieval of the Giant Borg's pieces.[2]

Otherside and Hedgehog Havok[]

Over a year later, Scourge returned to Castle Acorn with Fiona Fox, having taken over the majority of Moebius. He subsequently ordered the Anti-Freedom Fighters to change their names and appearances so as not to be in the shadows of their Prime Zone counterparts. After the procedures were complete, Scourge installed the stolen Globe Posts in the castle's laboratory, activated them, and followed the newly re-named Suppression Squad through in an invasion of Mobius.[3][1]

Sonic, Amy, and Buns Rabbot would later travel to Castle Acorn in search of Rosy the Rascal, hoping to recruit her to stop Scourge. However, upon finding her, Rosy attacked the heroes in a mad rage, forcing Sonic and Buns to search for the lab while Amy held her off. Locating the lab, Sonic used the active Globe Post to check up on Freedom HQ, only for him to be stunned by Boomer Walrus, and thrown back through the portal along with Scourge. Meanwhile, Rosy finished destroying Buns Omega Care Unit, and set her sights on the newly-returned Scourge.[1][4]

While Buns retreated, Sonic and Scourge continued their fight. However, they were interrupted first by the arrival of Shadow (who had been teleported to Moebius due to an error in the Zone-Breaching Platform), then by the arrival of Metal Sonic v3.0 (who had tracked Sonic to Moebius using his special engine), and lastly by the arrival of Silver and Rob o' the Hedge, the former of whom had tracked Sonic to Moebius using a Super Warp Ring, while the latter served as a guide for the former. Due to these arrivals, the battle soon degraded into chaos which lingered until Silver stopped Sonic and Scourge with his psychokinesis, believing one of the two to be the traitor that doomed his future. Although initially attacking Sonic, Silver was convinced by Rob that Sonic was not the traitor he sought after, leading him to join the heroes' cause against Scourge. Sonic then convinced Metal Sonic and Rosy to put off their differences for the moment in order to stop Scourge. Despite everyone being against him, Scourge refused to give in, and ran for his throne in Castle Acorn where he kept a stash of Anarchy Beryl, allowing him to transform into Super Scourge. Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters restarted the Star Posts in Freedom HQ in order to help Sonic, despite Alicia's protests. However, upon arriving at Castle Mobius they found Super Scourge had already defeated all his opponents, prompting him to target them. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to harm Super Scourge, with even Silver's psychokinesis being unable to properly work. Seeing this, Metal Sonic decided that as Scourge could not be defeated, he would have to go back to his main objective of destroying Sonic. Shadow, however, managed to stop the robot by teleporting both him and it to the Sol Zone. Meanwhile, Rosy was knocked out by Super Scourge, who finally had enough of her. The remaining Freedom Fighter and Suppression Squad members attempted to hold Super Scourge down, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Enraged, Scourge dragged Sonic out of Castle Acorn and chased him into the Grand Forest.[5][6]

Eventually, Sonic defeated Super Scourge by manipulating his pride. The Freedom Fighters then left Castle Acorn, while the Suppression Squad reluctantly removed the Globe Posts and returned them to Dr. Kintobor. Once Buns had left, Miles explained to Alicia that he had the Globe Post Schematics memorized, and Mobius would eventually pay, to which Alicia replied that they would have to rebuild Castle Acorn first.[5]

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