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Casino Park

Casino Park during the Chaos Emerald Championship.

Casino Park is casino-themed area on Sonic's World, and is known to be home to an establishment run by Breezie the Hedgehog. It is located in Empire City.


Metal Sonic, under the disguise of Dr. Eggman, built Casino Park to double as both a new casino empire for Breezie and an elaborate death trap for Sonic and his friends. Breezie called Metal Sonic's bluff with his disguise, but genuinely thanks Metal for his help. Breezie subsequently set up shop in the area, and organized the Chaos Emerald Championship after locating the green Chaos Emerald. (VG: SH, StH: #270, SU: #66)


  • Casino Ring
  • Casino Course

Background Information[]

  • Casino Park is a level featured in Sonic Heroes.