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Cascade Temple Zone is a location on the Eastwatch Islands and appears to be within some old temple ruins that flow with water and contain various contraptions.

Sonic, Tails and Amy once came to this zone in search for the Ancient Gears to stop Dr. Eggman from completing his super-weapon; the Mega Drive. After using giant bubbles to float across a large gap, the trio were almost killed by a hidden trap but managed to escape when Sonic pulled out a loose brick from the ceiling. It's revealed that the trap was controlled by Knuckles who Eggman tricked again into thinking that Sonic was the enemy. After making Knuckles realise that he's been fooled again, the four of them were chased by the mad doctor piloting his machine until he got wedged in between two ledges. The heroes quickly defeated Eggman once more before collecting another Ancient Gear and freeing the imprisoned Mobini.

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