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Carrotia the Rabbit
Biographical information
Physical description
  • Red ribbons
  • Teal and red outfit
  • Teal gloves with red cuffs
  • Teal, red and white shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Dark Energy Powers

Carrotia the Rabbit is a Mobian rabbit and a member of Wendy Naugus' Witchcarters.



Before Tails stepped out of Sonic's shadow, she and the rest of the Witchcarters once aided Wendy Naugus in her conquest of an island. However, the Witchcarters were defeated one by one by Tails who had come to their island, before the fox defeated Wendy as well. (TSP)

Eggman's Dozen[]

The Witchcarters joined Wendy and Walter Naugus in an invasion of Eggmanland shortly after it became operational. Their actions did not go unnoticed, as Dr. Eggman soon arrived to investigate, only for him and Metal Sonic to get backed into a corner by the Witchcarters, who used the Dark Gaia Energy they had stolen from the refinery to gain new abilities. Forced to retreat, Eggman called upon his Egg Bosses to reclaim the facility from the Naugus Twins and their minions. She was later seen with Falke Wulf and Bearenger the Grizzly on a ferris wheel, seemingly being the only one enjoying it.


She always seems to be lost in her own little world, forever in a constant daze. But don't be fooled by her spacy, giggly, and flirty nature. Like her partner Falke Wulf, she's incredibly dangerous. However, she also has a vengeful side, eager to take revenge on Wendy Naugus after she was free from her control.


She is a white Mobian rabbit with a peach colored muzzle and green eyes. She wears two large red ribbons on each ear, and wears a teal outfit with red highlights along with matching teal gloves. Her gloves have red cuffs and a gold button.


She is a strong fighter along with the rest of the Witchcarters. She is shown to have Extreme Gear skills, and when powered by the Dark Gaia energy she can shoot beams of energy shaped like lips.

Background Information[]

  • Carrotia and her fellow Witchcarters all originate from the game Tails Skypatrol, where they served as the main antagonists.
  • Carrotia's name is derived from "carrot", a vegetable that rabbits are famously known to eat.