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Carnival Night Zone

Team Dark go to the carnival.

Carnival Night Zone is a zone on Angel Island originally constructed by Dr. Eggman's forces while they were repairing the crashed Death Egg. Despite being an Eggman construct, the carnival still remains on the island to this day.


Construction on the carnival, alongside the Death Egg's repair work, was overseen by Eggman's assistant Dr. Julian Snively while his boss was away working on other schemes. The carnivals construction made the Death Egg's repairs considerably slower as forces were spread between the two, but Eggman insisted the zone was "tactically important". (StH: #290)

Sonic and Tails eventually traversed the carnival during their first adventure across Angel Island to prevent the Death Egg's relauch. (VG: StH3/S3&K).

More recently, Team Dark passed through the zone and a handful of others upon arriving on Angel Island to hunt down the allusive Black Arms alien, Eclipse the Darkling. (SU: #67)

Background Information

  • Carnival Night Zone is a level from the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
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