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Captain Metal
First Appearance
Biographical information

3237 (pre-SGW Mobius Prime calendar)

Physical description

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Claws
  • Cutlass blade
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Super strength
  • Super Speed

Captain Metal is the leader of the Sol Zone Pirates, a band of robotic pirates who sail the high seas of the Sol Zone. Like many of the rogues inhabiting the zone, he saught after the Sol Emeralds, putting him add odds with their guardian, Blaze the Cat.

Originally, he was the third model of Metal Sonic v3.0, as created by Dr. Eggman in a past version of the Prime Zone.


A Relic from a Another Lifetime

Metal Sonic v3.3.

See also: Metal Sonic - Cross-dimensional Clash (v3.3)

Captain Metal originally started off as Metal Sonic v3.3. Shortly after the destruction of both Metal Sonic v3.2 and Metal Scourge by the Suppression Squad, Dr. Eggman created a new Metal Sonic model, this time using the newer SXSU-401 engine instead of the typical STH-25, allowing the robot to transport to any other dimension to pursue Sonic the Hedgehog Metal Sonic then left for Moebius against his creator's will to find and attack Sonic and the others in Castle Acorn. Sonic later made an offer for Metal Sonic to help him take out Scourge the Hedgehog first, instead of attacking everyone else, and the robot nonchalantly agreed. Scourge didn't give up, however, and rushed to the throne room, followed by Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. Scourge then turned the tables on everyone by revealing that he had placed Anarchy Beryl in his throne. This allowed Scourge to transform into a stronger form; Super Scourge. (StH: #195)

Metal Sonic was temporarily defeated by Super Scourge along with the others and then tried to attack Sonic again when he deduced that defeating Scourge was no longer an option. It was later transported to another location along with Shadow when he tried to override Metal's teleporter engine with Chaos Control. Arriving in an alternate universe, Metal Sonic was employed by that reality's version of Dr. Robotnik to attack everyone, but was once again transported to a different reality by Shadow. (StH: #196, SX: #40)

Metal Sonic attacks Shadow.

Metal Sonic and Shadow then ended up in the Sol Zone, floating above an ocean. Shadow tried to convince Metal Sonic to no longer obey Dr. Eggman, but Metal Sonic completely ignored Shadow's request and kicked him into the water before flying off to look for the zone's version of Eggman. Furious that he could not locate that zone's Robotnik, Metal Sonic began attacking Southern Island. Shadow, Blaze the Cat and Marine the Raccoon showed up shortly to witness the destruction Metal Sonic had caused. Blaze furiously attacked Metal Sonic, but the machine simply used its powers to reverse Blaze's attack. Neither Shadow or Marine could take down Metal Sonic. However, Shadow tried once again to convince Metal Sonic to work with him, but Metal Sonic simply pointed out they each had different goals, and his was to serve Dr. Eggman. Thus, Blaze set fire to Metal Sonic, and Shadow charged at him. The robot flew towards the Ocean Tornado, and Marine destroyed it with the ship's cannon. (SU: #1)

Pirate Plunder Panic

When Super Sonic used Chaos Control in an attempt to reverse the Super Genesis Wave and Dr. Eggman interrupted this process, the entire original Multiverse was forcibly rewritten as a completely new Multiverse. This process would have potentially completely erased the Sol Zone, but thanks to the Jeweled Scepter, the Sol Zone simply was rewritten itself, with certain elements surviving the rewrite. (Blog)

One of these relics from the old reality was Metal Sonic v3.3, who was apparently salvaged and rebuilt from a bunch of damaged robotic remains by Doc Ratcheturn, a fellow robot doctor who traveled the seas of the Sol Zone in search of damaged robots. Ratcheturn rebuilt Captain Metal using what remained of his old body and parts from his own supplies, and the resurrected robot thanked him by stealing his vessel and leaving him to an unknown fate. Telling the other Sol Zone Pirates that he had been brought back from the dead, he soon demonstrated his deadly abilities by challenging and defeating Boltbeard, whom he disassembled in order to upgrade himself with Boltbeard's components. He also established his dominance over other pirates who dared to challenge his rule by removing their heads and placing them-still functioning-on poles around his island hideout. Taking command of the Metal Marauder, whose crew included the robots Swash and Buckle, Metal Sonic renamed himself Captain Metal. He later took on Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite Duck after they were unexpectedly transported to the Sol Zone from Mobius Prime. He also came into possession of the red Sol Emerald-the only jewel that had not yet been recovered by Blaze-and began making plans for it, the princess, and the remaining Sol Emeralds. These plans centered on a battle station from another world that mysteriously appeared in the Sol Zone one day, badly damaged but possessing powerful technology. Captain Metal set his crew to repairing and remodeling it, and named it the Egg O' War. (SU: #56)

Captain Metal takes a captured Blaze back to his island.

Some time later, his ship came became engaged in battle with the Ocean Tornado, carrying not only his old foes Blaze and Marine but also Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, and Cheese the Chao, the latter three having been transported to the Sol Zone at the same time as Bark and Bean. Blaze subsequently boarded his vessel, and the captain threatened to destroy her vessel if she didn't turn herself over to him. The Cat confronted him, not recognizing him due to the darkness and his new appearance, and demanded his surrender. In response, he used a laser cannon to destroy the crippled Ocean Tornado, and then watched as an enraged Blaze was knocked out by a member of his crew. Noting that Blaze had let her emotions get away from her, Metal Sonic voiced his intentions to take full advantage of his "second chance at life." Taking Blaze as a prisoner back to his island, he placed her in a cage made of tungsten carbide, which he had created to be especially flame-resistant. Taking her to his throne room on the island, he explained his intentions to use the Sol Emerald to power his new weapon, and offered her the chance to join him and provide the others as well. Blaze refused, and informed him that only she could utilize the power of the Sol Emeralds, only to be informed that the Egg O' War-which Metal proceeded to unveil-contained an environment in which the usual rules of reality didn't apply, meaning that he could use the power of the Sol Emeralds. (SU: #55, #56)

Captain Metal in a new crab-like form.

Announcing his intentions to conquer sea, sky, and perhaps other Zones with the Egg O' War, Captain Metal didn't notice Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Marine, who had survived the destruction of the Ocean Tornado. The trio from Mobius moved to rescue Blaze, but an angry Marine confronted Metal directly for destroying her beloved vessel. He responded by attempting to blast her, only for Cream to swoop in and carry her to safety. Undeterred, the Captain ordered Buckle to open a large door built into the floor, revealing a tank filled with water inhabited by his fearsome pet, the Kraken. He intended to let the beast destroy them, but then received a shock as he noticed that his Sol Emerald had vanished. He quickly discovered the culprits: Bark and Bean, attempting to escape with the gem. Enraged, he ordered Swash to see to the demise of the heroes while the rest of his crew pursued the thieves. However, another irritant appeared in the person of Johnny, right-hand robot to Metal's only real rival among the pirates, Captain Whisker, who stole the Sol Emerald from the would-be thieves. With the resulting escape of heroes and thieves alike, Metal ordered his crew to ready his submarine for departure, while also ordering Buckle to "Release the Kraken!" When the Kraken was subsequently destroyed, Captain Metal was able to reclaim the Sol Emerald, and unveiled new crab-based parts as he confronted both sets of his enemies. (SU: #56, #57)

After revealing his new parts he, Blaze, and Captain Whisker became locked in

Captain Metal, after merging with the Egg O’ War.

combat. In the ensuing battle, Whisker fled while Blaze chased and cornered Captain Metal in the Egg O' War's engine room and fought him face to face. Just when he would have destroyed her, Amy, Cream, and Marine jumped in to help. With Captain Metal distracted, Blaze had the perfect chance to regain the last Sol Emerald and transform into Burning Blaze. With her newly gained powers, Burning Blaze destroyed Captain Metal's body by melting it. However, she was too late to destroy his programming and he managed to upload himself into the Egg O' War's mainframe, thus becoming the floating fortress itself. He proceeded to continue attacking Burning Blaze, but was no match. She partially destroyed him, and he sank to the bottom of the ocean proclaiming that he'd have his revenge on her. (SU:#57)


Upon being rebuilt, Captain Metal's personality changed drastically. Apparently gaining a measure of free will, he also adopted various pirate mannerisms, particularly in terms of speech. Having gained something of a sense of mortality, he relished his renewed existence and became determined not to squander it on the activities that compelled other Sol Zone pirates. While he apparently developed a larger vision of what he could accomplish, he also became incredibly sadistic, perfectly willing to take lives and make others watch. He also appears to have gained the ability to lie, as well as justify his villainous actions.


Captain Metal is equipped with a clawed left hand and a right forearm that is a combination of sword and laser cannon. He is an adept swordsman, as demonstrated by his victories over Boltbeard and other rival pirates. Furthermore, he has also been shown to have alternate robotic parts to replace his legs and right arm, the only known set being a set of crab-like legs with a matching pincer.  In this form, he was apparently heat-resistant, blocking a sword of fire Blaze wielded against him.  He could also channel electric shocks through his pincer, with which he subdued Blaze.  He also overwhelmed Amy and Cream even after being temporarily overwhelmed by them himself, and was only stopped by the fires of Burning Blaze.

Captain Metal has displayed an exceptional level of tenacity: even after falling to a cannonball shot from the Ocean Tornado as Metal Sonic and being ravaged and sunk by Burning Blaze as the Egg O' War, he still apparently functions.


Thankee fer delivering the sol emerald for me, Whisker! Mayhap ye ought to be me cabin boy!

A surly lot, ye are! But there's no need fer ye all to be so crabby. (steps out of the submarine, revealing his new parts) Ye can leave that to ME.

Background Information

  • Since the multiverse had collapsed in on itself and rebooted due to the Super Genesis Wave, it's assumed the same thing had happened to the Sol Zone. However, it's not made clear as to whether or not the zone had been altered in the same way as Mobius Prime. Several elements of the zone would seem to indicate that it's the same version of the zone that appeared in previous issues. This is made evident by the presence of Captain Metal, supposedly a rebuilt version of the Metal Sonic Shadow destroyed in SU#1, and by how everyone seems to be aware of the events of "Treasure Team Tango" (particularly conspicuous in the case of Amy, as it was later revealed she had no memory of the old world before Nicole restored them). It could be possible that the aforementioned events also took place in the new timeline in some form, but this has yet to be confirmed.
    • Ian Flynn later revealed that, unlike most of the multiverse previously seen in the series, the Sol Zone was mostly preserved by the Jeweled Scepter.
      • However, the changes made to the Prime Zone and it's history because of the aborted Super Genesis Wave still raise some questions about the true extent of the Sol Zone's preservation, and what minor parts of it or it's timeline might have been altered.
  • Captain Metal, when first conceived, was intended to be a rebuilt Metal Sonic v3.3, having been salvaged after his explosive defeat in SU#1, this being stated by his creator and writer of "Pirate Plunder Panic", Tracey Yardley. This origin was even hinted at during his first appearance. However, it's unknown how this origin would make sense given that Captain Metal's first appearance was shortly after the entire Multiverse had been rewritten by the Super Genesis Wave, with his previous Metal Sonic incarnation appearing before the wave. It is possible that the original history as a relic of the old timeline is kept in tact, or it is possible that the origin was rewritten into fitting inline with the new timeline.
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