Burning Ruin Zone

Sonic and Metal Sonic in the Burning Ruin Zone.

The Burning Ruin Zone is an alternate Zone that resembles a charred wasteland with fire and lava visible in various areas.


Silver the Hedgehog came to this Zone in the course of his efforts to close the various Genesis Portals that had begun popping up all through time and space. In the process of his efforts to close one such portal, Sonic the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic passed through while fighting over a Chaos Emerald, only to be left with no way to return due to Silver closing the portal. The heroic Hedgehogs subsequently joined forces to recover the Emerald and force Metal through another portal that Silver then closed, leaving the robot stranded in another universe. Silver and Sonic then departed the Burning Ruin Zone through two more portals, with Sonic returning to his world while Silver continued his quest. (SU: #75)

Background Information

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