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Burning Blaze
Burning Blaze
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #58

Biographical information
Host Form

Blaze the Cat

Transformation Requirements
Gained Abilities
  • Flight
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Pyrokenesis
  • Invulnerability
You might want to move, girls. I'm about to turn up the heat!

–Burning Blaze to her friends., SU #58

Burning Blaze is the super transformation of Blaze the Cat, attained when she has all seven Sol Emeralds.


Blaze's first known use of this transformation was while facing Captain Metal aboard his Egg O' War. Having recovered all seven Sol Emeralds and transformed, she used her new powers to melt Captain Metal. The robot managed to transfer his consciousness into the Egg O' War, but Burning Blaze proved more than a match for the battleship. After burning an escape route for her friends in Team Rose, she took out the ship's Genesis Reactor before flying outside and shooting a massive fire blast through the craft and sinking it. She then rejoined he friends and reverted back to her normal form.(SU: #58)

Blaze Attacks Egg O War

Burning Blaze blasts through the Egg O' War.


Burning Blaze possesses the same pyrokinetic abilities she has in her normal form, but magnified to a much greater degree. She is also capable of flight, and presumably is protected from harm for the duration of her transformation. (CSE)

Background Information

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