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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Bunyip capturing Walt Wallabee.

Bunyip was a legendary monster that lived in Downunda and part of an ancient race that was devastated by the predations of Crocbot.


The Bunyip has lived since ancient times, but like most of Downunda's inhabitants fell prey to the machinations of Crocbot.Trapped in stagnant water caused by a giant dam, Bunyip became aggressive towards other creatures, and even attacked and captured the Downunda Freedom Fighters. After talking the situation out with them, however, Bunyip became peaceable, and after the dam was destroyed left the Downunda Freedom Fighters on friendly terms. Unfortunately, the Bunyip was later captured by the Downunda Dark Egg Legion for some sinister purpose. (StH: #103, #104, #105, SU: #37)

Background Information[]

  • Bunyip is based on a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology told in Australia.
  • Guru Emu's tale about the Bunyip's legends stated that "those who see it never live to tell it," yet he then told of scientific reports which refer to a bunyip as "an extinct dinosaur," which he then referred to as a diprotodon.
    • The contradiction is bad enough, but a diprotodon is more closely related to Wombat Stu than actual dinosaurs. Ironically, the creature's first full-body image appears to combine elements of a hippopotamus and a dolphin.