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Omega Wreck
Buns Rabbot
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #151

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #196

Biographical information

18 (born 3219)


Versions from Mobius Prime

  • Anti Bunnie
  • Evil Bunnie


Physical description


  • Fur: Yellow
  • Eyes: Green
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Quick-hardening riot foam
  • Sound waves
Only in Omega Care Unit
  • Basic combat

Buns Rabbot (formerly known as Anti Bunnie or Evil Bunnie), is Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette's Moebius counterpart. She was one of Scourge the Hedgehog's girlfriends who learned of his infidelity and sought revenge, which led to her joining the Anti-Freedom Fighters. After Scourge's takeover, the other members were re-formed into the Suppression Squad. Buns, however, was kicked out by Scourge after she developed Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (NIDS), a degenerative illness. After being left for dead, she was rescued by Julian Kintobor who placed her in the care of the Omega Care Unit to prevent her NIDS from spreading. Since then, Buns has served as a protector of the kindly Anti Robotnik.


Anti Freedom Fighter

Anti Bunnie was first encountered by Sonic the Hedgehog when he was sent into Anti Mobius by Evil Sonic. Believing him to be Evil Sonic, Buns attacked him seeking revenge, having dated Evil Sonic only to learn that he was dating other women-notably Princess Alicia and Anti Penelope-on the side. During a brief battle with the Anti Freedom Fighters, both Buns and Alicia were sent into highly-polluted water inhabited by presumably hostile creatures called 'Octopods'. (StH: #151)

Health Crisis and Change of Allegiance

Buns Omega

Buns in the Omega Care Unit.

Following this, Buns developed N.I.D.S. and was confined to an Omega Care Unit built by Anti Robotnik, after Evil Sonic (by then, calling himself Scourge) kicked her out of the newly formed Suppression Squad and had left her for dead. Buns used the care unit to protect Anti-Julian Kintobor from the Suppression Squad during their efforts to obtain the Globe Posts. She later mistook Sonic for Scourge and attacked him and Amy Rose, after they came out of a dimensional portal into Anti Robotnik's home to try and find assistance against the Suppression Squad. Buns later accompanied them to Castle Acorn to find Rosy the Rascal, to defeat Scourge. (StH: #193)

As Rosy attacked them, Buns used her riot foam in an attempt to prevent her from moving, though Rosy simply destroyed the foam with her hammer, at which point Buns said "Ah wish ah'd been outfitted with somethin' a bit more a missile launcher or somethin'". After this, Amy stayed behind to keep Rosy distracted so that Buns and Sonic could locate the Globe Posts that had been stolen from Anti Robotnik before. Buns was concerned about leaving Amy to fight for herself, though Sonic informed her she could take care of herself. Buns then protected Sonic while he went through the Globe Posts to see what was going on in Mobius. But Amy was defeated and Rosy tried to destroy the Globe Posts, but Buns fought her and lost as Rosy managed to crush a fair part of the Omega Care Unit leaving her defenseless. Luckily, the suit still had some power left that she used to fly out of the Anti Castle Acorn and back to Dr. Kintobor's tower and told Amy to "give that brat (Rosy) a whuppin' for me." (StH: #194, #195)

Buns later returned to the castle in her repaired Omega Care Unit to retrieve the Globe Posts from the Suppression Squad after they defeated Super Scourge. She was offered the chance to re-join them by Miles, stating that it was Scourge that wanted her out, and that with the care unit she could be a great asset, but she simply said to Miles "Yer a creepy little cuss, y'know that?". Miles simply asked her to think about his proposition in response. Buns went with the Freedom Fighters back to Dr. Kintobor's tower with the Globe posts in hand. (StH: #196)


151 AntiBunnie

Buns's first appearance.

Buns is identical in most respects to her Mobian counterpart, with identically colored fur, hair, eyes, and eye shadow, aside from the fact that she is not partially roboticized. In her initial appearance, Buns wore a black cowboy hat, black one-piece outfit, and black boots. She subsequently adopted a top identical to the one favored by Bunnie, with the exception of it being purple while Bunnie's is pink.


Anti Bunnie was one of Scourge's many girlfriends, though this ended when she learned of his infidelity with Anti Penelope. (StH: #151)

Background information

  • Buns' name comes from StH: #3, where Bunnie introduced herself to the Knothole Freedom Fighters as either "Bunnie" or "Buns", though the latter was never used by them. It would later be revealed that this was a childhood nickname given to Bunnie by her uncle, Beauregard Rabbot. It is therefore likely that Buns also received it as a nickname and subsequently adopted it as her real name when Scourge enforced his changes upon Moebius.
  • Unlike her Mobius Prime counterpart, Anti Bunnie is not half-roboticized, due to the lack of a Roboticizer-employing villain or other party in their universe. However her dependence on the care unit could be the replacement. She still possesses the Southern accent of her Prime Zone double, although it is less pronounced and wasn't even used in her first appearance. Her dress style was semi-goth, as opposed to Bunnie-Prime's more 'cowboy' style outfit.

Buns on the cover of Sonic Archives: #6.

  • It is unknown if Buns' alliance with Dr. Kintobor will be a long-lasting relationship, as Miles stated while talking to Princess Alicia Acorn "She [Buns] can only play the hero for so long." This suggests that Buns is only helping Dr. Kintobor for her own gain.
  • Strangely, Buns appeared alongside the other Anti Freedom Fighters, on the cover of Sonic Archives: #6, (which reprinted the AFF's first appearance in StH: #24, excluding Anti Sonic who appeared earlier), even though Buns was not introduced in the series until StH: #151, ten years later. Of course, this fits in with the creative license used in the Archives covers.
  • It should be noted that Buns mentions her disease manifested at the base of her spine, and if the Prime Bunnie had developed it, her partial roboticization would have given her immunity from it, making it a hidden blessing. Of course, this is merely fan speculation.
  • As Bun's illness, NIDS, bares many similarities to the real-world AIDS virus, her being kicked out of the Supression Squad after developing the condition could be seen as a parallel to the stigma attatched to the disease in the real world.
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