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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.

Two Memories
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Crazy Train

The Bullet Train

The Bullet Train, also known as the Egg Train, is a transport train model for the Eggman Empire used in the reality that was created following the Super Genesis Wave. One was set up to run through the Soleanna Forest Zone, and was used by the Badnik Horde commanded by E-106 Eta to transport Dr. Chuck the Hedgehog, Professor Pickle, and their research to the Rail Canyon Zone. The train was to drop its cargo off at Bullet Station, but was intercepted by the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their efforts to rescue the captives. (StH: #258, #259)


This is the main list of items in each 

  • Engine car- Is very bare save for the controls panel, which runs under the standard Egg-OS system.
  • Fuel & Supplies car
  • Explosives car- A car full of explosive devices, with at least one device being a dud.
  • Foosball car- A empty car, with the exception of a custom foosball table.

Background Information[]

  • The Bullet Train model-unnamed-first appeared in the video game Sonic Heroes.