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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Brutus Kintobor of the House of Ivo
Biographical information

Unknown (Died ????)

Physical description
  • Blue and grey jumpsuit
  • Green carry bag
Political Alignment and Abilities

Brutus Kintobor was an ancestor of Julian Kintobor (later known as Dr. Ivo Robotnik) and a member of the House of Ivo. He once travelled to the Floating Island where he encountered the Guardian of that time, Steppenwolf. After his group's planned betrayal was exposed, Brutus and his Overlander companions were forced to flee from the island.


Attempted Invasion of the Floating Island[]

Brutus Kintobor, descendent of Dr. Ivan Kintobor's lineage, would eventually be among the first Overlanders to make contact with the Floating Island. The Guardian at the time was Steppenwolf, son of Edmund himself. Brutus and the rest of the Overlanders had intent to kill the young Guardian, yet they lied to Steppenwolf, telling him they came in peace. While it was in Steppenwolf's nature to make visitors feel welcomed, Christopheles and the rest of the Fire Ants would catch on to the Overlanders' treacherous intentions. Together, the Fire Ants would use they're telepathic abilities to warn Steppenwolf, allowing him to defend himself and attack. With the help of the Fire Ants and their telepathic abilities, Steppenwolf demanded the Overlanders leave the island at once and never return, which Brutus had no choice but to agree to. (KtE: #25)


Not a lot can be known about Brutus but we can assume he possesses Julian's deceiving and cold methods judging by how he and his companions were planning to betray and harm Steppenwolf for their own personal gain.

Background Information[]


Brutus Kintobor possesses many similarities to other members of the Kintobor family, specifically Julian. Although Brutus is much slimmer then his descendent, they both possess similar red pupils with black eyes. His outfit is also similar in design to Dr. Ivo Robotnik’s outfit, only with a blue and grey scheme instead of red and gold. Unlike Julian, Brutus possesses a full head of brown hair and a matching mustache.