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Current Continuity

Bow Sparrow
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #46

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #47

Bow has not physically appeared in the post-SGW timeline; last mentioned in StH#253
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Physical description


Political Alignment and Abilities

Bow Sparrow is a Mobian sparrow who leads a group of Freedom Fighters based in Avalon, who oppose the Eurish Egg Army and its Egg Boss Mordred Hood.


Defending Avalon

Not much is known about Bow, other than that he is the leader of a group who oppose the Avalon Egg Army. Their efforts so flustered the Egg Boss, Mordred Hood, that a G.U.N. Carrier was able to approach and begin attacking, though it was later sunk by Dr. Eggman. (StH: #254)

Background Information

  • Bow never made his physical debut in the post-SGW timeline. As such, it is unknown how similar to his pre-SGW counterpart he is.
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