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Blurk Profile


Blurk is one of the Dark Arms and a charge of Eclipse the Darkling.


Blurk was born shortly after Eclipse's escape craft crash-landed on Angel Island following the destruction of the New Black Comet. He and his three siblings-Cregal, Cyzer, and Rhygenta-were the only Dark Arms to survive the impact, and were nourished for some time by Eclipse. After their guardian learned of the Master Emerald, he left his charges aboard the shuttle and left to acquire it, though in this he was defeated. Blurk and his siblings were nearly discovered by Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega, but the trio were called away by Shadow the Hedgehog upon Eclipse's attack. Eclipse returned to the ship, and was surprised when Blurk and the others expressed their desire to help him claim the Master Emerald. Blurk's powers would be used first, allowing Eclipse to dispatch Omega before turning to Cregal to best Rouge. Their mission accomplished, the Dark Arms and Eclipse headed for the G.U.N. shuttle Team Dark had used to track them to Angel Island. Blurk's powers helped Eclipse face the Guardian of Sandopolis Zone, but he and the other Dark Arms fell quickly before the onslaught of Knuckles and Shadow. Fortunately, Rhygenta stepped up to defend them, and the Dark Arms managed to escape to the surface with Eclipse after the Master Emerald was shattered. (SU: #59, #62, #67, #68, #69, #70)


Like Cregal and Cyzer, Blurk is aggressive and vicious, but possessed of a strong loyalty to Eclipse.


Blurk's power as one of the Dark Arms is to coat his user with a blue armor of incredible strength, able to withstand even the impressive firepower of an E-100 Series robot.

Dark Arm Power - Armor

Eclipse using "Dark Arm Power: Armor" by fusing with Blurk.

Background Information[]

  • Blurk is obviously based on the Blue Wisps from Sonic Colors.