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Several Blodex running for cover, from Sonic the Hedgehog #126.

The Blodex[1] are a species that appear in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics Publications. They are a race of ant-like aliens hailing from the planet Thoraxia.



The Blodex resemble crimson ants, with exo-skeletons instead of skin and large red eyes, though they have eight limbs as opposed to six. Each hand has two fingers and a thumb, while their feet are three-toed.[1]

Characteristics and culture[]

The Blodex appear to operate on some form of monarchy, as Sonic was brought before four high-ranking Blodex upon arrival. At least one large Blodex city exists, in addition to a large six-legged vessel used for scouting operations. It is unknown if multiple of these exist, or they are unique constructs of the Blodex. The Blodex also appear to be generally welcoming of outsiders, even if initially skeptical.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Blodex are capable of telepathically accessing the thoughts of others, allowing for them to easily learn other languages. According to legend, one Blodex by the name of Aypex could harness the power of the red Chaos Emeralds, although it is unknown whether this is an actual trait shared with all Blodex or not.[1]



According to legend, the Blodex suffered greatly from attacks performed by the Bzzzz and their queen, until a Blodex by the name of Aypex utilized the power of seven red Chaos Emeralds to destroy all the invaders. This led to both a long period of peace lasting several thousand years, and Aypex reaching legendary status among Blodex. However, the Bzzz eventually returned under a new queen, and continued their raids on the Blodex city.[1]

Tossed In Space[]

A small group of Blodex on a vessel found Sonic the Hedgehog after he was teleported to their planet due to the explosion of the Quantum Dial on Mobius. Believing the Blodex to be capturing him, Sonic escaped, but came back to protect the Blodex from an army of attacking Bzzz forces. Realizing Sonic was their ally, the Blodex accessed Sonic's language through the use of their antennae, and brought him to their city while thanking him. Sonic was brought before four high-ranking members of Blodex society, who explained that although they were unable to help him return to Mobius, a D'Novulan trading vessel would arrive the next day, and until then, the hedgehog would be their guest. Sonic continued to tour the city, led by a Blodex Guide named Deeble, who showed him the Statue of Aypex, and explained its history. Deeble eventually finished showing Sonic around the city, and led the hedgehog to a building where he could stay the night. However, the Bzzz soon led an attack on the city, led by their queen. The Queen used her acid stinger to injure several Blodex, before she and the other Bzzz were defeated by a of Super Sonic created by Sonic's contact with seven of the red Chaos Emeralds.[1]

However, this only made the situation worse, as the independent Super Sonic wished only to instigate destruction. While the being burst through entire buildings and caused mayhem, Sonic rushed around, saving the trapped and wounded Blodex caused by the violence. Eventually the evil Super Sonic left the burning Blodex city to attempt destruction of Thoraxia's two moons. However, he was stopped by Sonic, and the Blodex were saved.[2]

Order from Chaos[]

Several Blodex later watched in awe as the red Chaos Emeralds left their resting places on Thoraxia, having been summoned by A.D.A.M.'s Summoning Spire.[3]

Known Blodex[]


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