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Blockbuster Polar Bear
Blockbuster Polar Bear
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #26

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #28

Biographical information

Mobian/Polar Bear

Physical description


  • Fur: Pale yellow
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Red headband
  • Brown and red shoes
  • Brown and red gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Enhanced Superhuman Strength
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat

Blockbuster Polar Bear is an alternate reality version of Bark the Polar Bear and a member of the dwindling resistance opposing Enerjak on the world of Dark Mobius. He was partially Roboticized in order to treat injuries, as his torso and much of his limbs are robotic.


The Last Resistance

Blockbuster had joined up with Jani-Ca's resistance movement and was one of the few left free after their attempt to defeat Enerjak was foiled. At some point, he had presumably become injured, and Cutlass Depardieu sought out Sir Charles Hedgehog from their world because he knew of a medical technique that was sure to save some lives including Blockbuster's. Though it was a dangerous technology that Charles was loath to use, Cutlass convinced him that it was truly for the greater good. Eventually, Blockbuster had his torso and limbs Roboticized. (SU: #26, ASUB)

Blockbuster continued to live in hiding within Nekronopolis; one day, he and the other Freedom Fighters ventured out to attack a group of Enerjak's Prelate warriors. Using his enhanced cybernetic strength, Blockbuster managed to crush one of the Prelates into the ground. It was soon discovered that the Prelates had been after Silver the Hedgehog; when the young hedgehog made the faux pas of calling Jani-Ca by her original name, the echidna reacted violently, though Blockbuster calmly stopped her from acting rashly. The group returned to their hidden base with the hedgehog, with Blockbuster lifting a junkpile to reveal the entrance. Unfortunately, they were soon discovered by Enerjak, who set his reformed Prelates against the group; the very one Blockbuster himself had earlier destroyed had now gotten the drop on the polar bear. (SU: #26)

During the battle, Blockbuster continued to struggle against Prelate-M, but gradually gained the upper hand until Jani-Ca helped him destroy it. As Silver and Dagger argued over what to do with the Cores once the battle ended, Blockbuster noticed Enerjak had just been watching them the whole time and wondered what he was waiting for. Enerjak soon went on the offensive and took out the other rebels until only Blockbuster was left to protect Jani-Ca. Despite their best efforts while working together, they were easily overpowered and Blockbuster had his Core removed. While Silver fought Enerjak alone, Jani-Ca lined up Blockbuster's lifeless body with the others in hopes of being able to restore them all. (SU: #27, #28)


Despite his brute strength, Blockbuster is fairly calm and clear-thinking, gently offering his insight when necessary. He is a gentle giant, and he appears to be Jani-Ca's mentor, or at least a regular voice of reason in her ear. Blockbuster stuck to Jani-Ca's side until the very end. Even when cornered by Enerjak with no hope for back-up, he fought to protect the true Guardian of Angel Island. (ASUB)


Blockbuster is a large, pale yellow polar bear with blue eyes. Being an alternate-universe counterpart, he's very similar in appearance to Bark the Polar Bear. However, there are a few notable differences. Older, his face is more worn and he has some lines around the eyes. His torso, as well as much of his limbs, are all robotic. He wears a red headband, and brown and red gloves and boots.


Like his Mobius Prime counterpart, Blockbuster is possessed of great physical strength. Prior to his partial Roboticization, he would have rivaled Mighty the Armadillo; following the process, his already formidable strength has been doubled. (CSE)

Background Information

  • Unlike his Mobius Prime counterpart, Blockbuster has been shown to speak.
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