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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Blaze in her Olympics outfit.

Blaze the Cat (Another Time, Another Place) is an alternate version of Blaze the Cat from the Another Time, Another Place Zone. She is a friend to Sonic the Hedgehog, and along with his other friends and allies has at times been threatened by evil forces such as Dr. Eggman.


Twice Abducted[]

Together with Sonic's other friends, Blaze helped throw a surprise birthday party for him. However, the happy event was disrupted by the arrival of the Time Eater, who sent the various guests hurtling to different parts of time. Following this unpleasant episode, Blaze again joined with her friends and acquaintances for a friendly event: taking part in the Olympic Games. Along with Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat, she took place in the hurdle event only to be caught in a trap by Dr. Eggman that landed most of Sonic's friends inside a large Prison Egg. Fortunately, Sonic was able to defeat Metal Sonic in several events and free them. (StH: #230, #242)


Usually, Blaze is identical to her counterpart from the Sol Zone in terms of both physical appearance and wardrobe. However, during the Olympic games, she notably appeared with a new outfit, retaining only her shoes, ponytail, and gloves from her usual attire. Her Olympics attire consisted of a purple track suit, the shirt of which left some of her belly exposed. Red lined both the bottom of this shirt and the waist of her pants, with the latter sporting a white stripe down the outside of each leg.

Background Information[]

  • This version of Blaze is presumed to have met and befriended Sonic through the events of the games Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure, both of which were adapted to the main canon of the Archie Sonic series and thus not portrayed in the Another Time, Another Place reality.
    • If she and Sonic had experienced a version of the events of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure then it can be theorized that an alternate Sol Zone from where this version of Blaze comes from must exist.