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Blade the Shark profile
Blade the Shark
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #91

Biographical information

Mobian Shark

Physical description


  • Skin: Vermillion, black, light red
  • Eye color: Gold
  • Gold headband
  • Black and gold leotard
  • Gold belt
Political Alignment and Abilities

Pirates of the Setting Dawn

  • Powerful swimmer

Blade the Shark is a female Mobian Shark, a member of the Pirates of the Setting Dawn, and Razor the Shark's older sister.



Sometime ago, Blade and her brother Razor once tried to steal pirate treasure from the Knives but were caught by Captain Shellbreaker and his rough-crowded crew. The pirates decided to let the pair join their ranks, though they were unfortunately betrayed by Abyss the Squid, who had joined the Eggman Empire to form her own pirate crew. Later, a "philosophical disagreement" between Razor and his crewmates saw the former being cast into the sea, and separated from his sister. (SU: 92; SSD: #15)

At some point afterwards, Blade and her crew encountered Princess Undina, who they apparently recognized, kidnapped, and held for ransom. (SU: #91)

The Case of the Pirate Princess

Sometime later, Razor, along with Echo the Dolphin of the Meropis City Guard and the Chaotix, had been captured by Blade's crew, and brought aboard their ship. After a tense few moments between the two parties, Razor and the others decided to join Captain Shellbreaker. Later, though they squabbled some first, Blade admitted that she was content with Razor's decision to return. That night, she warned the Chaotix not to snore in their sleep, threatening to inflict harm upon them if they did. (SU: #91, #92)


Due to her being taller than Razor, she's claimed to be older than him.

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