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Blackjack brandishing brass knuckles.

Blackjack, also called Bee-Jay McThing by his employer, was a massive Mobian bulldog and the enforcer companion of Downtown Ebony Hare.


Rodent Problems

When Renfield T. Rodent was operating Happyland Amusement Park for the second time, Ebony Hare wanted a piece of his action and brought in Blackjack to keep Renfield in line while he took over things. Renfield tried to resist by brining in his own enforcer, Ripper T. Rodent, but Blackjack made quick work of him, allowing Ebony Hare to show Renfield just what he was dealing with if he went out of line. While Renfield was busy dealing with the threat of Constable Remington and Julie-Su, Ebony Hare gave Blackjack the order to "deep-six" his new "partner" when this was over. He later took his employer to see a lady about making a deal. The lady was actually Julie-Su acting as part of a sting operation. Ebony Hare was suspicious of her, however, and had Blackjack throw her off the roof of the building they were conversing in. (KtE: #13, #14)

Blackjack later drove Ebony Hare and Foxxy in their limo to the factory were Renfield's secret sauce laced with Lemon Sundrop Dandelion to make everyone addicted to it. Deciding to lay low until things cooled down, Ebony Hare ordered Blackjack to shut down production. Just as he was about to, a noise sounded and the enforcer went off to investigate, only to get in the head with a plank by Remington. The blow did little to effect the muscleman and he threw the Constable into a pile of crates. Just as he was about to finish off Remington, Mighty the Armadillo came up behind Blackjack and threw him straight into a wooden crate and remained dazed on the floor until the Echidna Security Team arrived later and arrested him and his associates. (KtE: #15)


For the most part, Blackjack is a brute who does little talking or thinking on his own, usually leaving that to his boss. His main objective is to intimidate those who believe they can stand up to Ebony Hare.


Gifted with remarkable strength, Blackjack provided the muscle for Ebony Hare and was capable of knocking down larger opponents than himself (such as Ripper) with a single punch.

Background Information

  • Blackjack's name is obviously based off of the card game, blackjack. Or possibly the nick-name for a cosh.
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