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Current Continuity

Black Doom with Shadow
Black Doom
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #171

Biographical information

Black Arm

Physical description


  • Skin: Brown
  • Eyes: Orange-ish red
  • Three eyes
  • Twin horns sticking out of either side of head.
  • Worn robe with shoulder pads
  • Golden chains with spiked ornaments
  • Golden chain necklace with single gem in centre of star ornament.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Notable Super Forms

Black Doom was the leader of the Black Arms and a former partner of Professor Gerald Robotnik. He led the Black Arms to Sonic's World in order to consume its inhabitants, but was defeated by Shadow the Hedgehog. However, the Black Arms survived his demise due to the existence of a lesser hive mind known as Black Death.


Creating Shadow

Shadow is Created

Black Doom and Professor Gerald Robotnik create Shadow the Hedgehog.

Fifty years prior to the world’s present, Black Doom was approached by Professor Gerald Robotnik, who had reached a dead end in his Project Shadow. Seeking to create an agent to prepare the world for the eventual invasion of the Black Arms, Black Doom willingly provided Gerald with some of his genetic material. The result was Shadow the Hedgehog, whom Black Doom hoped would prove the undoing of his intended victims on Sonic's World. (ShtH)

Return, Defeat and Legacy

Shadow Fights Black Doom

Black Doom fights Super Shadow as Devil Doom.

The Black Arms eventually returned to Sonic's World and attempted to conquer it by consuming its inhabitants to provide the Black Arms with a bountiful harvest that can be farmed, reproduced, and grown like cattle for the purpose of providing food. For a time, Shadow the Hedgehog worked alongside Black Doom and aided him in his conquest of the world, but eventually Shadow turned against him and was able to defeat Black Doom and destroy the Black Comet following a climactic battle between Super Shadow and Devil Doom. Before his death, Black Doom telepathically reached out to one of his subordinates on a different planetary conquest, Black Death, informing him of what events had transpired and leaving the role of leadership and the fate of their species with him. Black Death then lead a new Black Arms colony to Sonic's World in another Black Comet for a second invasion. (SU: #59, #60; SSSM: #9)

Background information

  • Black Doom was the main villain of the 2005 video game Shadow the Hedgehog, where it was revealed that Shadow was made from his DNA, making him Shadow's biological father.
  • Ian Flynn has gone on record to say that Black Doom is currently off-limits in the comics. (2) A similar character named Black Death served as the Black Arms' new leader for the "Shadow Fall" SU arc, with the story explanation of Shadow defeating and killing Black Doom during the first invasion. As a result, it is presumed that the events of Shadow the Hedgehog are now canon in the comics.
    • The original draft for "Shadow Fall" involved Mephiles the Dark resurrecting Black Doom from the dead and teaming up with him to get revenge on Shadow. The arc would have gone similarly to the final version, with Black Doom dying again (much like Black Death), while Mephiles would go on to become a recurring villain rather than Eclipse.(3)
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