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Black Death
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For the Mobian cat, see Black Death (Sorcerer).

Black Death was the second hive-mind of the Black Arms. Originally left behind on another planet to finish an earlier conquest, Death took over his creator Black Doom's role as hive-mind after Shadow the Hedgehog betrayed him and destroyed the first Black Comet. Black Death then led the last of his kind to Mobius to exact revenge on the hedgehog and his allies. Ultimately, the invasion was prevented before it could begin, and Black Death met the same fate as his predecessor: being killed at the hands of Shadow.


First Invasion[]

Black Doom Contacts Black Death

Black Death learns of Black Doom's demise.

Black Death was created by Black Doom to serve as a secondary hive-mind. During the Black Arms' first invasion of Sonic's World, Black Death was stationed on an unknown planet to finish an earlier invasion when he was informed of Gerald Robotnik's betrayal as well as Black Doom's defeat. Death became the Black Arms' new hive-mind, and to exact revenge on Shadow he created a new creature called Eclipse the Darkling. Almost immediately, Eclipse proposed the creation of a new sub-breed of Black Arms to strengthen their diminished numbers: the Dark Arms. These creatures were derived from the Wisps, whose home planet the New Black Comet traveled to in order to collect a small sample of the race. While Black Death was loath to leave a planet teeming with life, Eclipse convinced him to do so, particularly since the prize of Sonic's World-and vengeance upon its inhabitants-were within reach. (SU: #60, #69; SSSM: #9)

Second Invasion And Demise[]

Black Death's Chamber

Black Death observes the G.U.N. forces.

Black Death led the New Black Comet to Sonic's World after Shadow the Hedgehog killed Black Doom. He planned to use the inhabitants of the planet as a food source for the last remaining Black Arms under his control. His arrival on the planet was delayed due to Eclipse's experiment, and when Team Dark and Spider Troupe attacked his comet, he watched the battle from afar, lamenting that his inevitable confrontation with Shadow was not on his terms. He then ordered Eclipse to fulfill his purpose and face Shadow. (SU: #59) When Eclipse battled Shadow, Black Death helped him brainwash Shadow into joining their side. Black Death berated Eclipse for not destroying Shadow as he was ordered, but Eclipse assured him that Shadow and the Dark Arms would benefit them. He then sent Shadow, Eclipse, and some Black Arms soldiers to stop Rouge, Omega, and the Spider Troupe from reaching the New Black Comet's core and blowing it up with a nuclear bomb. (SU: #60)

As Shadow battled Rouge and Omega, Black Death sent Eclipse to capture the Spider Troupe and have them be fed as nourishment for the Dark Arms.  However, Shadow was freed from the mind control with Rouge and Omega's help, and led them to rescue the captured Spider Troupe and steal back the bomb. With the tide having turned against him, Black Death had Eclipse take the Dark Arms into a shuttle for safety and tried to convince Shadow one last time to join him through Death's Eye.  Shadow, however, refused and broke into Black Death's room to start a final battle against him. (SU: #61)

Shadow Beats Black Death

Black Death meets his end.

Shadow managed to gain the upper hand in the fight by removing his Inhibitor Rings to unleash more of his powers. Knowing that he was outmatched, Black Death had Eclipse forcibly dragged away to an escape pod with the Dark Arms so that their species could survive. Meanwhile, Black Death attempted keep Shadow and his allies busy until the bomb detonated in a last-ditch attempt to take them down with him.  Ultimately, however, his efforts were in vain, and at that moment, Shadow hit Black Death with a Chaos Blast attack, ending his life.  His remains, and the New Black Comet, were destroyed shortly thereafter by the G.U.N. bomb, while Shadow and his allies escaped, victorious over the Black Arms yet again. Black Death would not be forgotten, however, as Eclipse would later use his mental link to Shadow to cause the Hedgehog to hallucinate and see the fallen hive mind in the place of Julian Snively. (SU: #62, #67)


Black Death was a surprisingly paternal being, greatly concerned for the fate of the Black Arms under his control. Fearing the extinction of his species, he went to great lengths to preserve them and defeat their enemies. However, he proved utterly malevolent, displaying a perfect willingness to destroy Shadow and Mobius out of revenge for his fallen predecessor, Black Doom. Perhaps due to most of the Black Arms obeying him without question, he quickly grew irritated with Eclipse's independent nature.


The full extent of Black Death's abilities isn't known. He possesses Black Doom's ability to telepathically control the Black Arms as well as take control of any rogue members of his own race. He is also able to use Death's Eye as a "seeing eye" of sorts. Shadow notes that Black Death is actually weaker than his predecessor, as while he needed to be Super Shadow to defeat Black Doom, Black Death was defeated quickly after Shadow removed his Inhibitor Rings and became Chaos Shadow. In battle, Black Death could summon small flaming meteors and shoot flames out of his hands to attack his opponent, much like Black Doom did. (SU: #62)

Background Information[]

  • Coincidentally, Black Death shares his name with an Archie exclusive-character who served as a one-shot enemy of Knuckles the Echidna.
  • It is unknown if Black Death existed prior to the Super Genesis Wave continuity.
  • Despite meeting his end some fourteen issues previously, Black Death was included on Variant Cover 6 for SU #75.


While Black Death largely resembles Black Doom, his form being that of a floating upper body with three eyes, he lacks his predecessor's horns. Black Death also has yellow eyes rather than Black Doom's red ones, and he has a mouth with sharp teeth. Like Black Doom he wore robes, though his came with a hood and lacked any medallions, instead bearing greater decoration.