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ARK Monster
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #2

Biographical information


  • Prototype of Ultimate Life Form
Physical description


  • Colour: Brown-orange/coal grey
Political Alignment and Abilities
Notable Super Forms
  • Finalhazard

The Biolizard was the prototype of the Ultimate Life Form created by Gerald Robotnik. It was a gigantic creature that guarded the shrine room aboard the Space Colony ARK. It is assumed that it guarded the shrine room for fifty years until the present day, when Dr. Eggman released Shadow the Hedgehog from stasis and used the ARK in his attempts at world domination. It was also capable of fusing itself to the ARK and taking on a monstrous form known as the Finalhazard.

History (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)

After Shadow turned traitor and fought alongside Eggman's arch-enemy Sonic the Hedgehog, the Biolizard was released from its stasis aboard the Space Colony ARK. It used Chaos Control and pulled the ARK towards Mobius by fusing itself with the Eclipse Cannon and transforming into Finalhazard, only to be stopped and, presumably, destroyed by the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Shadow. (SU: #2, VG: SA2)

Background Information

  • Biolizard was based on the creature of the same name in the video game, Sonic Adventure 2. It was unnamed in the comic, but is considered tier 2 canon by this site's canon policy, as it does not contradict already established canon from tier 1. Additionally, the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline has established the events of most of the Sonic games prior to Sonic Lost World as canon.
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