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Bernadette Hedgehog
Biographical information

42 (Born in 3195)



Physical description
  • Purple dress
  • Purple shoes
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities

Bernadette Hedgehog (aka "Bernie" for short) was the mother of Sonic the Hedgehog and the wife of Jules Hedgehog. Bernie was one of the students of Nate Morgan along with Sir Charles Hedgehog and future husband Jules (with whom she debated with and won all the time). Both Bernie and Jules were agents of King Acorn's special forces during the Great War. Following the takeover of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Bernadette was subsequently roboticized and became a mindless servant of the world despot. Years later when her free will was restored, Bernie became the mother that Sonic lacked for the majority of his life.


Early Life

Prior to the outbreak of the Great War, Bernie was a student of Nate Morgan. She would often debate with Jules in class discussions, resulting in Jules having a crush on her. While Jules was a hard-headed risk-taker, his nobler qualities of bravery and concern for others endeared him to Bernie. (StH: #76, CSE)

Veteran of the Great War

During the Great War, Bernadette became a soldier in the Royal Army. When Mobotropolis fell under mortar fire from the Overlander forces, Bernie and Cocoa led the Mobians into the secret underground shelters, using their superior eyesight to guide them through the catacombs. Eventually, the two found themselves coming up behind enemy lines. Due to this discovery, the Mobians were able to surprise the Overlanders and attack, forcing them to withdraw. (StH: #76)

Throughout the course of the war, Jules had been Bernadette's partner on various missions, and had asked her for a date on several occasions. Eventually she agreed, and not too much later the pair were married, and Bernie soon gave birth to their son Sonic. Later, during a secret mission to locate and rescue the famous Mobian historian Kirby, Jules was fatally wounded by an Overlander troop. While Charles tended to Jules' wound, Bernadette attacked and badly injured the Overlander who shot her husband. Though Jules' wounds were fatal, hope remained in the untested process of Charles' Roboticizer. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Warlord Julian tampered with the machine so that whoever was roboticized lost their free will. After Charles left in disgrace, Bernie was all alone to take care of her newborn son while Jules remained idle in her home. (StH: #77, #78, CSE)

Life as a Robian

Bernadette being roboticized

When Bernie discovered that Julian was using Jules for labwork, she confronted him. However, Julian simply used his control over Jules to capture and throw Bernie into the roboticizer. Soon she too was roboticized and was robbed of her free will. When Charles came looking for her, Julian lied and said that Bernie was fooling around with the roboticizer and ended up her current state, adding on to Charles' grief. (StH: #79)

Following Julian's (now renamed Dr. Ivo Robotnik) takeover, Bernadette worked as one of the many Robians in Robotropolis. Charles kept her and Jules' existence unknown to Sonic until after Robotnik's death, as he realized Robotnik would have used them to make Sonic's emotions consume his judgement and likely result in his capture. When Robotropolis was retaken, Sonic was reunited with his roboticized mother and father, though was unable to accept they were actually his parents due to Charles having lied to him for so long. (StH: #54, SSS: #2)

Sonic later presented his parents with wedding bands made of Power Rings, which prevented Bernie and her husband from loosing their free will upon the arrival of Dr. Eggman to Mobius Prime. Following the second loss of Mobotropolis, Bernie and Jules accompanied the other Mobians to Knothole. (StH: #75, #76)

Having found a home in Knothole, Bernie and Jules resumed their role as Sonic's parents, particularly since Charles' did not have his free will intact and was now under Eggman's control. Bernie was adimant that Sonic eat a full breakfast before leaving their home, and made sure he attended school. (StH: #94, #96)

In 3236, Bernie was one of the many Robians that was de-roboticized by the Bem. Although her husband Jules was not, Bernie continued to be the wife and mother she was as if nothing had changed. (StH: #123)

After the Xorda

Bernadette gives Sonic a warm welcome.

Following the Xorda's attack and Sonic's return from space, Bernie continued to be the mother Sonic lacked for years, and made sure Sonic was well fed and attended school. She had to be reminded by Jules however that Sonic had grown up in her absence. (StH: #157, #197)

Bernie was seen clinging on to Jules when the Death Egg Mark 2 appeared, and both were caught up in the effects of Operation: Clean Sweep. Restored to normal, the pair would later find themselves comforting young Amy Rose as she and her teammates struggled to cope with all the trials they had been facing. Later, she and Jules would enjoy a dinner with Charles, unaware that her brother-in-law was involved with the Secret Freedom Fighters or that Shard, a Metal Sonic he had rebuilt, was watching them sadly from outside the window. (StH: #224, #235; SU: #44)

Later, Naugus himself visited Jules and Bernie while Sonic was away, offering to use his magic to reverse Jules' Robian transformation and make him flesh-and-blood again, which he had recently done with Bunnie. However, he would only do it if Jules agreed to a magical contract with him. Naugus planned to use this as a chance to possess Jules and use him as a host body to cure the volatile mutations that had been occuring since Operation: Clean Sweep. Both of them, and Muttski, were unconvinced and argued with him since Bunnie didn't need to enter a contract. Bernie argued that he may have another motive they weren't being told and Jules could be injured in a process that can't be explained, while her husband stated that Naugus had caused harm to Mobians, his mentor and tried to kill his son and thus rejected Naugus' offer and ordered him out of their house and the pair with their look on as Naugus walks away. (StH: #241)


Bernadette Hedgehog

Bernie's fur color has been changed from blue to purple repeatedly in various comic issues, with blue being her most common fur color. As a Robian, her body was colored blue, with pink hair and a white backing to her eyes. Every appearance she made as a Robian following this depicted her instead with silver hair and a black backing to her eyes. After being deroboticized by the Bem, Bernie's hair color would change from white, to blue and then finally to blonde between Sonic the Hedgehog #123 and Sonic the Hedgehog #133. Apart from her hair, she has many characteristics that have obviously been passed down to Sonic, notably her green eyes. (Disregarding the descrepency that Sonic's eyes were originally brown prior to the events of Sonic the Hedgehog #71.)

Since being returned to a flesh-and-blood state, Bernie's wardrobe has traditionally consisted of simple dresses, most commonly in purple coloring, along with white gloves.


Bernie is similar in personality to Princess Sally Acorn-more pragmatic and cautious than her husband was in his youth. However, like Sally she also has a strong sense of compassion for others, and bravery worthy of any member of the Freedom Fighters. She has strong feelings for her family, and has done her best to be an anchor throughout their turbulent life, from pleading with her brother-in-law Charles to stay after Jules' Roboticization to trying to make up for the years she was unable to be a mother to her son. However, she is also somewhat slow to accept that her son is nearly an adult, and that he has all but grown up in the years that they have been apart. Despite this, she is always there for him, and for his friends.


Bernie was drawn to Jules in much the same way Princess Sally would later be drawn to Sonic-a case of opposites attract, in some respects. However, Bernie and Jules' relationship has progressed as they have grown older and wiser, and as they have passed through grueling hardships together. Bernie is firmly devoted to her husband, standing by him despite his seemingly incurable condition.

Background information

  • It is very possible that Ken Penders, who created the character, named her after his wife, Bernadette Penders.