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The Battle Fortress is the mobile airship headquarters and flagship of the Battle Bird Armada. Despite its incredible size, it is easily capable of flight as well as staying afloat in water.


The Battle Fortress was briefly disguised as a small island near Cocoa Island while the Armada conducted operations there. It's true form was eventually revealed after it was infiltrated by Miles "Tails" Prower. After Tails succeeded in defeating Speedy, Dr. Fukurokov, and the Battle Lord, the fortress fell from the sky. (TA)

During the Shattered World Crisis, the Battle Fortress was used to ram the Sky Patrol in a surprise attack on the Freedom Fighters. (StH: #284, #285)


The Battle Fortress carried the entire compliment of the Battle Bird Armada, along with their various weapons and other equipment. It was capable of being submerged and being disguised as an island, and also possessed immense firepower.

Background Information

  • The Battle Fortress is based on the Battle Bird Armada's vehicle from the Tails Adventure videogame.
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