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The Dark Legion Battle Cruiser.

The Battle Cruiser was a ship created and used by the Dark Legion in 3236 following their failure to take over Echidnaopolis politics.


The main arsenal of the aerial vessel is the Quantum Beam, which transports individuals to an alternate zone. The ship was used to transport all of the Mobians on Angel Island to another zone to allow the Dark Legion to claim the island as their own. When Chaos Knuckles arrived on the scene and offered an alliance to Dimitri in exchange for undoing the Quantum Beam's effects, Tobor and Kragok re-emerged from the Twilight Zone, and Tobor hurled himself and Kragok into the ship, disabling the weapon. The Quantum Beam's effects were later undone by Chaos Knuckles. (StH: #100, #107, SSS: #14)

Background Information[]

  • The Battle Cruiser's design appears to be based off of various spacecraft from the Star Trek franchise, including the B'rel Klingon Bird of Prey (neck, bridge and overall design), D'Deridex Romulan Warbird (wing design) and the Galaxy-class Federation cruiser (nascells.)
  • Ian Flynn stated that the Battle Cruiser was shot down in an epic aerial battle during the Eggman Empire's invasion. (1)