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Batbots Flapping

Batbots in action.

Batbot is a Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman and modeled after a bat.


Battling Sonic[]

Eggman utilized a number of Batbots in various operations, and Sonic the Hedgehog ended up confronting them as a result. (VG: StH3, StH4, SC)

Shattered World Crisis[]

Batbots Deactivated

Offline Batbots

A number of Batbots were deployed by Eggman in his mining facility at Crystal Cave. Initially deactivated by Nicole the Holo-Lynx, they were later brought back online in order to alert Eggman to the fact that the Freedom Fighters had stolen the Chaos Emerald held there and thus spare the cave his predations. Along with other Badnik forces, the Batbots attempted to halt Nicole, Sally Acorn, Antoine D'Coolette, and Tails, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Background Information[]

Batbot is based on the badnik from Sonic and Knuckles.