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The Babylonians were an ancient race of avians who came to Mobius aboard a spacecraft that came to be known as the Babylon Garden. Their descendants are known to include the Babylon Rogues.



After their vessel crashed on the planet, it's interstellar engines became damaged in such a way that activating them again would generate a black hole that could consume the entire planet. Rather than risk this, the Babylonians removed the Gravity Ring and Key to Babylon Garden that powered the propulsion system. As the Babylonians scattered across Mobius and mingled with the Mobian populace, some of them remained united as the Battle Bird Armada, whose leaders-the Battle Kukkus-retained the Gravity Ring. The Key was hidden beneath the Gigan Mountains under the protection of Angelus, where it was eventually discovered by the Babylon Rogues. The Rogues and the Armada later used it and the Gravity Ring to raise Babylon Garden from its resting place beneath New Mobotropolis, only for it to crash into the mountains along with the Battle Fortress. (SU: #18, #33, #34, #35, #36, CSE)

Background Information[]

  • The Babylonians share some eerily similarities to the Ancient Walkers, in that they are both ancient beings that bequeathed great knowledge to the primitive Mobians.