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Two Memories
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The Babylon Rogues' zeppelin is the main mode of transportation of the Babylon Rogues.


While it was originally an outdated airship belonging to the Battle Bird Armada, the Rogues stole it when they fled as they did not have any Extreme Gear available. Since then they have used it as their base and to travel far distances across Mobius in their treasure-hunting. It was seen in close proximity to Cocoa Island pursuing the Armada's damaged Battle Fortress after it retreated from the island and was later used to bring the three thieves to the Great Forest when its sensors picked up the energy reading of a Sol Emerald. The zeppelin also carries a large stockpile of ordinance as the Rogues had it drop bombs on Team Hooligan to stop their escape with the Emerald. (SU: #20, #22, #33)

Background Information

  • This zeppelin is based on the one from the Sonic Riders series that the Babylon Rogues use.
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