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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
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Axel the Water Buffalo
Axel the Water Buffalo
Biographical information


  • Egg Boss of the Egg Army Efrika Unit.
Physical description
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Capable mechanic
  • Able to operate a variety of vehicles
  • Super strength
Axel the Water Buffalo, Egg Boss of the Efrika Egg Army Unit. Sir.

–Axel reporting to Dr. Eggman., StH #253

Axel the Water Buffalo is the leader of the Egg Army's Efrika Unit.


New Leader[]

After Mobius' timeline was heavily altered by the Super Genesis Wave, the new reality found Axel serving as Egg Boss of the Efrika Egg Army. He and his forces later came across Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot wandering in the Efrika Plains, and confused the doctor briefly by recognizing him as a superior, whereas Eggman had no memory of ever meeting him previously. Eggman was able to learn who Axel was when the Water Buffalo assumed that Eggman was there for a surprise inspection. Axel was able to get Eggman back to their base and help him by providing him resources to get his Egg Mobile flying again. He also informed Robotnik where the nearest base and Egg Boss were, namely Lord Hood in Avalon. Following Eggman's departure, Axel got into a discussion with one of his underlings about their servitude to Eggman. Despite clearly caring little for the doctor, Axel feared Eggman, especially since rumors had begun circulating that the Human had succeeded in making the Roboticizer viable again. (StH: #252, #253)

Upon obtaining the Gaia Manuscripts, Eggman contacted Axel and ordered him to put his unit on high alert, as their base was an ancient structure that Eggman suspected to be one of the Gaia Temples. Later, while working on his Egg Monster, Axel and several of his underlings watched the Chaos Emerald Championship. Some time later, his forces would engage several of the Knothole Freedom Fighters to prevent them from gaining access to the temple or the Gaia Keys needed to penetrate it. (StH: #259, #269, #280)

Axel and his fellow Egg Bosses were later assembled for a special mission: retaking Eggmanland from the twins Wendy and Walter Naugus. (SU: #83)


Axel is a gruff individual, but a fairly loyal subordinate to Eggman-though this appears to be motivated by fear more than respect. Despite being the head of his Egg Army Unit, he is apparently not afraid of getting his hands dirty in the field or even in maintaining his own vehicle.



Axel uses a hook and chain weapon built into his gauntlets.

Due to his Cyberization, Axel possesses a potent weapon that combines the chains he wears around his gauntlets with his curved horns. He also operates an Egg Monster as his vehicle of choice, and appears to be a capable mechanic.


Axel at Ready

Axel the Water Buffalo

Axel is a large Mobian, roughly the same height as Dr. Eggman, and clad in a purple uniform. He has a black muzzle and brown fur, and his horns appear to be made out of metal.

Background Information[]

  • Axel is the first character to be introduced on Mobius Prime following the Worlds Collide special event who didn't appear in the previous continuity. He further serves to replace a character from the old continuity, Grandmaster Diesel, who has presumably been left unusable due to being derived from Ken Penders' Bear Pack. Interestingly, Axel also has chain-wrapped gauntlets like Diesel did.
  • According to Aleah Baker, Axel is 30 years old. [1]