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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

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  • White robe
  • White sandals
  • Gold rings on dreadlocks
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Aurora, originally known as the Echidna Aurora-La was a powerful Chaos energy wielding being who watched over Mobius but lived in another realm called the Virtual Zone. Originally a Chaos energy research scientist, she became a servant of the Ancient Walkers, and her mysterious nature includes the ability to appear unto a person as they imagine her to be, no matter what their species. Only the Echidna form of this has been seen, but it can be assumed that her other forms would include similar traits. Aurora first appeared during Knuckles the Echidna's temporary death, helping him to come to grips with his time in the afterlife and to join the Chaos Force. Despite her protests, he later left it to return to Mobius to aid his friends and family. Aurora would later be named one of the Neo Walkers, successors to the Ancient Walkers, shortly before the original trio died.


Becoming a Goddess[]

In ancient times Aurora-La was a Chaos energy researcher in Albion who worked alongside her love and partner Enerjak. They made such advances in their work that they attracted the attention of the Ancient Walkers and were given the opportunity to ascend into the Chaos Force and gain greater knowledge and insight; they chose to do so. However, as they ascended, Enerjak became corrupted with power and soon came into conflict with his former love and her benefactors, forcing Aurora-La and the Walkers to scatter his essence throughout the Chaos Force as he was too powerful to be destroyed. Later, Aurora-La took on the name Aurora and penned the three Tomes and worked to spread enlightenment to the world. (CSE)

In the Afterlife With Knuckles[]

Aurora eventually came to be worshiped by many of the inhabitants of Mobius and the Albion Knights of Aurora were named for her. The first to see her besides the Ancient Walkers or any of their agents was Chaos Knuckles upon his death, after her Chao servants guided him to the Virtual Zone which she inhabits. Appearing to him upon his arrival, Aurora explained that part of her nature was that she appeared to those who saw her as they imagined her to be-as such, she appeared as a member of whatever species her viewers were. She then began showing him scenes from his life, beginning at the dream of a future terror that she had sent to his father Locke, which had led to Knuckles' being mutated in order to become a stronger Guardian than any before. In truth, she had sent Locke these visions in hopes of preventing Knuckles' eventual fate as a host for the dark spirit of her former love, Enerjak, but she was unable to avert it. Knuckles then witnessed his birth and parents' separation, followed by a revisiting of his first meeting with Sally Acorn, early life as a Guardian, Locke's departure, and subsequent meetings with Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails, the Chaotix, Archimedes, Enerjak, the Dark Legion, Julie-Su, and his mother Lara-Le. Together they observed Enerjak's return, the emergence of Knuckles' Chaos powers amongst the Lost Tribe, his conflicts with the Dark Legion and Hunter, and his transformation into Chaos Knuckles. (StH: #121, #122, #123, #124, CSE)

Knuckles was then told why he had died: because Dimitri's tampering had accelerated Knuckles' natural evolution into his Chaos Force derived powers, he had not been able to adapt quickly enough to handle the changes made to his body. Aurora then told him that he was to become one with the Chaos Force itself, to unite with the cosmos and thus achieve oneness with the universe. Though Knuckles was reluctant, Aurora deceived him by saying that the inhabitants of Mobius had only one chance at life, and that his had ended with his death. Convinced, Knuckles agreed and traveled through the portal to the Chaos Force, reverting to his original form as he did so. She was then antagonized by Athair, who reminded her that certain worthy Mobians could receive a second opportunity to go through life. Knuckles was worthy, but Aurora felt that the Chaos Force was a better path for him. What she did not count upon was that, while merged with the Force, Knuckles sensed his friends coming into danger due to the return of the alien Xorda, who threatened to destroy Mobius. Emerging from the Force, Knuckles confronted Aurora over the matter, asking if his friends could survive without help, to which she would offer no answer. Having learned of the second life potential while in the Chaos Force, Knuckles became determined to return to Mobius to help his friends. Aurora begged him to stay, exhorting him to return to the Chaos Force and accept his higher purpose in the order of the cosmos. She coldly reminded Knuckles that his friends would eventually die anyway, and accused any act of going to save them as selfish. Knowing his decision to be one of selfless friendship and love, Knuckles tapped into his powers with Athair's guidance and returned to Mobius. Aurora expressed utter confusion at Knuckles' rejection of the Chaos Force, a chance to be one with the universe and learn all its mysteries, to which Athair replied "Weren't you ever sixteen?" (StH: #124, #125)

Becoming a Neo Walker[]


Aurora and Athair witnessing the death of the Ancient Walkers

A year after Knuckles's departure, Aurora and Athair found themselves tending to the ailing Ancient Walkers, struggling to keep them alive following the attack on them by Mammoth Mogul. Merlin Prower searched desperately for a way to heal the trio, but the Walkers sensed their imminent end and so named Aurora, Athair, and Merlin as their successors, the Neo Walkers. Not long after this proclamation, Aurora and Athair watched in horror as the three perished due to a dimensional tear created by the Sword of Acorns as the Arachne released Ixis Naugus from the Zone of Silence. (StH: #162)


Overall an enlightened, benevolent being, Aurora seeks to aid those who are exploring the Chaos Force that they might achieve their fullest potential within it. However, her concern with the Chaos Force and those who have already joined with it supersedes that of the Mobians she is assigned to protect. Seemingly immortal, she appears to have forgotten what it was like to be mortal, to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, as she doesn't understand Knuckles' devotion to beings who will in time pass away. Despite this lack of emotional attachment, she was horrified upon seeing her masters die.


While said to appear differently depending on those who view her, Aurora has thus far always appeared as a pink Echidna with blue eyes and short bangs. Her long dreadlocks are adorned with golden rings and she wears a white robe and sandals.


Having become one with the Chaos Force, Aurora's powers are undoubtedly vast. She is able to use the Virtual Zone in which she resides to display images of the past, and can also project dreams into the minds of Mobians. Aurora also appears to those who see her as they imagine her, though it is unknown whether this is a characteristic wrought on her by the Chaos Force or simply a part of the nature of whatever manner of being she is. Whatever other powers Aurora possesses, she has not displayed them outside of the Virtual Zone, and it is possible that Mammoth Mogul surpasses her due to her failure to save the Ancient Walkers from death.

Background Information[]

  • With regards to Aurora's change in personality in StH #124-125, former writer Ken Penders explained "The Aurora that is depicted in SONIC #125 is at odds with how she is depicted in AFTERLIFE because Karl didn't follow the notes I provided for the script. She wasn't even supposed to be in SONIC #125. Knuckles was supposed to encounter a barrier which prevented him from making the final step all the way back to his life with everyone he knew and loved, and the device that sent Sonic out to space was really supposed to open the barrier which allowed Knuckles pass through." (1)
  • Given her history as a resident of Albion, it is possible that Aurora's Echidna form is her true appearance. She is also one of only a handful of Echidnas who was not either known to be imprisoned in the Twilight Cage or banished by Thrash the Devil as of the conclusion of the Endangered Species story arc.