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Ash Mongoose profile
Ash Mongoose
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  • White jacket
  • Black boots
  • Red sunglasses
  • Blue pants
  • Black shirt with emoticon
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  • Managerial skills

Ash Mongoose was a Mobian mongoose, boyfriend of Mina Mongoose, and the manager of her band, the Forget Me Knots. His relationship with Mina had led to a small rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog, who Mina had a crush on, leaving Ash feeling somewhat threatened after Sonic's return from space. However, after Ash saved her life from an attack by Bomb during one of Mina's concerts, nearly killing himself in the process, Mina realized she loved Ash more and the two remained a steadfast couple. He continued to manage and encourage Mina's music career and supported her at every turn, even once helping Sonic save her from Mammoth Mogul, despite his lack of combat ability.


Mina's Manager[]

Ash Meets Sonic

Mina introducing Sonic to Ash.

At some point during Sonic's absence in outer space, Ash met Mina. He eventually became her manager and the two began a relationship. When Sonic finally returned from outer space, Ash was quick to inform Sonic that he was dating Mina, knowing that Mina had once had an extremely strong crush on the hedgehog. Despite repeated efforts by Mina to get him to realize Sonic was in the past and that he had no reason to be insecure, Ash remained antagonistic towards Sonic with the two of them egging each other on at the slightest provocation.(StH: #134, #144, #145)

After a failed assassination attempt on Mina's life by Nack the Weasel, Ash was displeased when Sonic was appointed her personal bodyguard. He later confronted Mina about her continued feelings for Sonic, as many of her songs seemed to be about the hedgehog, and when she seemed unable to let go, he felt they needed to break up. When her next concert was disrupted by an attack from Heavy and Bomb, Ash helped get Mina to safety. After the robots were destroyed, Ash went to talk to Mina about his feelings for her, only for the two to discover one last Bomb in her dressing room. Ash heroically attempted to run the bomb a safe distance away, but was wounded when it exploded. He received medical treatment from Dr. Quack and, as he recovered, was visited by Mina; she told him that, as she had feared he'd been killed, she realized how much she truly loved him. The two then resumed their relationship. (StH: #153, #154)

Back From Touring[]

After Mina's world tour had ended, they returned to New Mobotropolis. Having talked it over with Mina, Ash approached Sonic and admitted that he'd been a jerk in the past because he felt his relationship with Mina would be threatened by the hedgehog. While Ash got the band settled, Sonic showed Mina what had changed since her tour. That night, while staying at Freedom HQ, Ash awoke to find Mina in a trance-like state, getting dressed and leaving. After following her, Ash found Mina attacking Sonic and jumped on top of her to stop her; she punched him in the face, hurting him more emotionally than physically.


Ash & Sonic steal a Chaos Emerald for Mammoth Mogul.

She, along with Tails and Mighty the Armadillo, all in a similar state, then took off. Confused and scared for Mina, Ash turned to Sonic, and the two soon discovered that Mammoth Mogul had mentally taken control of the three and were attempting to coerce Sonic into handing the city's Chaos Emerald over to him by sending them into situations that would surely result in their deaths. Intensely scared for Mina, Ash decided to help Sonic deliver the emerald, as there was no way Sonic could save all three in time. As they had no time to explain themselves, the two suffered interference from NICOLE but managed to steal the emerald and give it to Mogul, who, true to his deal, freed the three from his control before escaping with several other prisoners. Upon the trio's return, Mina collapsed on Ash's shoulder while he comforted her. They all then watched the sun rising together. (StH: #185, #186)

Ash later watched the fall of the Eggman Empire with Mina via a live television data-stream and celebrated it with Mina. The next day when Mina got up on stage with the Forget Me Knots, she was blown off her feet by Monkey Khan who accused them of being selfish of not helping the rest of the world, and Ash quickly went over to Mina to make sure she was alright. (StH: #200, #201)

New Sound[]


Ash comforts Mina.

After the fall of the Iron Dominion, Mina began to suffer recurring nightmares stemming from the occupation of New Mobotropolis. Feeling she needed to get out of the city, she and Ash headed for Freedom HQ. Mina's fragile emotionally state put Ash on edge, and so when Sonic arrived and accidentally bumped Mina with the door, Ash began to tell the hedgehog off, only for a strained Mina to tell him to shut up. Taken aback, Ash apologized, and later, when they were alone, he gently confronted her about her condition, correctly guessing that the source of her problem was her continuing nightmares. Mina burst into tears and Ash lead her to the couch, encouraging her to let out her fears. Upset, she spoke primarily of NICOLE, who had been corrupted into "Iron NICOLE" and then had used the city itself -which was composed of nanites - to capture the population. Ash attempted to reassure Mina, reminding her that she had helped in evacuating many people, but it wasn't enough; as NICOLE controlled the entire city, Mina felt they were at too much of a risk should she lose control again. Ash agreed that the situation had been rough on them as well as others, and Mina was further frustrated because she felt that the Freedom Fighters weren't aware of the potential danger. Ash suddenly realized this was a perfect opportunity for Mina; she could use her music to make a statement. He told her that with a new sound, she could really wake people up. With Ash's encouragement, Mina quickly brightened; she lead him off, eager to start working on a new album immediately. (StH: #219)

Some time later, Ash arrived at Mina's house to meet up with the band; as Mina was running behind, her mother, Isabella, told him to wait with the others. The band's guitarist, Max, told Ash they needed to talk with him about the new songs that had been proposed, not pleased that he was "forcing" a new direction on them. However, Mina soon arrived and told the others that the new direction was her doing; Ash sheepishly admitted that he'd actually had to tell her to tone things down. Mina was able to explain her reasoning to the band and convince them that that the new sound was necessary to send a message, and so they began to practice while making plans for their next concert. When the night of the concert came three weeks later, Mina had pre-show jitters, afraid that people might hate the new sound, but Ash assured her that they'd love it as much as they loved her. As it turned out, the performance was extremely well-received, and as the band made its way back to their trailer, Ash draped his jacket over Mina's shoulders and eagerly congratulated her, talking about future plans -- but they were caught off-guard when they realized that someone was already in the trailer. Ash and Mina entered to find Sonic and Sally; he was displeased to find that they'd gotten past security and told Sonic that they could line up with the other fans if they wanted autographs. A snarky comment from Sonic almost caused things to escalate further, but Mina quickly calmed Ash down and stepped in, trying to explain that she believed her message needed to be heard, especially by the Freedom Fighters. However, this in turn lead to a tense exchange between her and Sally, which lead to a revelation that neither Ash nor Mina had been aware of: that NICOLE had actually been freed from the Iron Queen's control but had maintained the ruse in order to protect the people. Furthermore, NICOLE had been present at the concert and hurt that the people had been rallied against her. Later, the two saw an undesired effect of Mina's message. While having dinner with Mina at Creme de la Creme, they saw Sonic and Sally arrive there for a date, only for a waiter to start pestering them about the issue of NICOLE, which soon led to everyone in the restaurant loudly bickering over the issue. Exasperated, Mina soon decided that she wanted to leave, unable to enjoy the evening with all the fighting going on, and Ash agreed, with Mina remarking that this wasn't what her music was supposed to create. (StH: #220, #221, #222)

Ash supported Mina as she changed her course, and was present when she held another concert to advocate overturning NICOLE's exile from the city. An unseen attack by Tails Doll prompted the intervention of Team Freedom, and Ash quickly ran to check on Mina after Rotor saved her. His girlfriend proved unhurt, and quickly renewed her cry for NICOLE's return. (StH: #241)



Ash Mongoose

Designed by artist Jon Gray, Ash has yellow fur, jet black hair and blue eyes. He typically wears a white jacket, a black frowning "smiley face" shirt, studded wristbands, and baggy blue jeans (sometimes black) with a hole at the right knee. He also wears red-tinted, round glasses. Like Mina, his ears have multiple pierced, though with studs. At one time, he was depicted without pants; his white jacket became something of a long, red vest. Sometimes his white jacket is coloured red. The original concept called for numerous tattoos all over his arms and upper body, symbolizing things that he found meaningful or made him happy, but this element was scrapped from the final design.


Ash was previously very competitive with Sonic, partially because Mina told him about her crush on Sonic and how she was hurt when she saw Sally and Sonic kissing. This left him feeling that his relationship with Mina was at risk despite his great love for her; sometimes his feelings cause him to be a bit overly defensive of her. While this issue was eventually settled, Ash can sometimes still be blunt and aggressive when Sonic's around. Though lacking in any special abilities, Ash is brave and selfless, risking his life and going to great lengths to save Mina from harm. He's extremely supportive of Mina and her music.



Mina and Ash celebrating the fall of the Eggman Empire with everyone else.

Ash is very much in love with Mina, and has shown that he would be willing to sacrifice his own life to save her. It is because of this love that he forged his rivalry with Mina's old crush, Sonic, but that appears to have come to a stop after some discussion with Mina while on her tour. He's always willing to support Mina whenever needed.

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