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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Artika Egg Army

The Artika Egg Army greets Eggman.

The Artika Egg Army is a unit of the Egg Army situated in the continent of Artika. It is led by Egg-Boss Tundra the Walrus, and operates from a base consisting of several igloos equipped with state-of-the-art technology.



Artika Egg Army Base

Artika Egg Army Base

A Broken World[]

The Artika Egg Army received Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot as the trio made their way back to the Death Egg. After a brief visit, they provided Eggman with a vehicle to allow him to complete his journey. Shortly thereafter, the planet was rocked by the Shattered World Crisis, though it apparently didn't affect the Artika Unit too badly. They would later engage Rotor Walrus and Sonic the Hedgehog when the pair arrived in the Cool Edge Zone, and later brought them back to their base. (StH: #255, #257, #276)



Artika Egg Army vehicle

An Artika Army vehicle.

  • Robots-The Artika Unit has various units of the Badnik Horde at it's disposal-including Penguinators, Snowys, and Star Pointers-that they employ for various functions, from combat to manual labor.
  • Sleds-The Artika Unit is known to utilize sled vehicles pulled by robotic reindeer; one such sled was given to Dr. Eggman to enable him to travel to the Death Egg.


The exterior of the Artika Egg Army base resembles a series of igloos with various communications equipment and weapons visible on the outside, and the main igloo resembles Dr. Eggman's head due to various unidentified ports and a stylized design around one door resembling the doctor's mustache. The interior includes at least one loading bay, and the facility was regarded by Rotor as being fairly spartan compared with the Sky Patrol.

Background Information[]

  • The Artika Egg Army is the first case of an Egg Army unit that has taken over a Dark Egg Legion chapter's territory in the new reality without that Legion chapter apparently being erased; the former Northern Tundra Legion under Akhlut was reassigned to the Great Blue Realm.