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Current Continuity

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Artika is a snow-covered region of Sonic's World in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline. It is home to the Artika Egg Army, led by Egg-Boss Tundra the Walrus, and may be the former home of Rotor Walrus.


Walruses and Villains

Rotor leaves for Westside Island.

Rotor Walrus grew up in or near this northern region of the world, where he was raised by his father Tundra the Walrus, and an unnamed mother, until the latter passed passed. After enduring his fathers abuse for some years, Rotor ran away from home and traveled to Westside Island in search of a new life. (FCDS: #8, StH: #280)

Some time later, the region came to be home to a division of the Egg Army led by Tundra. The Death Egg Mark 2 was docked here for a time, which allowed Sally Acorn to infiltrate it and steal valuable files. Dr. Eggman later arrived here and was provided with a transport to reach the Death Egg by Tundra and his troops. The Death Egg subsequently took off from this region in order to escape the effects of the Shattered World Crisis. Rotor would later return to this region with Sonic the Hedgehog on on their quest to acquire the Gaia Keys from the local key gaurdians, only to run afoul of the Egg Army, leading the walrus to a tense reunion with his estranged father, whom he was appalled to discover had become an Egg Boss. The two heroes were thrown into a prison cell along with Jari-Thure and Sarianna; who just so happened to be the key guardians they were seeking. As night fell, Sonic used his Werehog form to break them all out of their prison, allowing Sonic and Rotor to press onward after the couple handed over the keys.(StH: #255, #256, #263, #276)


Background Information

  • The name is a play on words of the "Arctic" since its location is based on the Arctic Circle.
  • It is questionable to whether this would be considered a "continent" since it is based off the North Pole which is a landmass of ice and is not considered a real continent. Of course, the region might also be reminiscent of such real-world areas as Alaska and Russia.
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