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Armand D'Coolette
Biographical information

N/A (Died 3237)

  • General of the Royal Army


Physical description


  • Eyes: Blue
  • Fur: Brown
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Skilled swordsman

Armand D'Coolette was the General and highest-ranking officer in the Royal Army, an old friend of King Maximillian Acorn and father of Antoine D'Coolette. After Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup and takeover of Mobotropolis, Armand was roboticized and turned into the High Sheriff, and eventually made into the regional underboss in the Kingdom of Mercia, remaining so after Robotnik's death and rise of Dr. Eggman. After the Robians had their free will restored, Armand was brought to Knothole where he spent the next year making up for the lost time with his son, and returned to duty in the army. He died in 3237 after being poisoned by his son's Anti-Mobius self, Patch.


Army General


Armand discussing the need for a Rebel Underground

During the Great War, Armand was King Max's top general and advisor. When the king brought Julian Kintobor (who would later become Dr. Ivo Robotnik) onto his side, Armand spoke against it, unable to believe the king would trust an Overlander during an open war with their race. However, the king was adamant to give Julian the benefit of the doubt, feeling guilty for what happened with Nate Morgan years earlier. (StH: #74)

Armand had high hopes for his son Antoine D'Coolette, enlisting him in the army as a cadet-in-training and teaching him the art of sword-fighting. The pair, along with Armand's wife Marie D'Coolette, relocated from Mercia prior to the war. The move was a source of disagreement between Armand and his wife, and while Armand taught Antoine English in an effort to help him become accustomed to their new home, Marie was adamant in teaching him French. (StH: #46, CSE)

At some point Armand discussed with King Max the necessity to establish a Rebel Underground should enemies from outside or within strike at the kingdom. However, the Rebel Underground was not properly formed in time as Armand seemingly perished during Robotnik's coup d'état, having led the Royal Army remnants in resistance against it. His wife died of an illness sometime afterwards, never learning that her husband was still alive. Antoine, as a testament to his father, took up his old uniform and sword and fought with the Knothole Freedom Fighters in his name. (StH: #46, #58, CSE)

The High Sheriff

See: High Sheriff
HighSheriff Escape

The High Sheriff escaping his shackles while in Albion

During the aftermath of Robotnik's death at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic, seeking to defeat Robotnik's sub-bosses before they became a threat by establishing their own fifedoms, went to the forest Kingdom of Mercia, where it was here Armand's fate was revealed; Armand had been captured and roboticized the day he went missing, and served as Robotnik's highest-ranking and one of his most dangerous sub-bosses - the High Sheriff. Having had his memories of his past life supressed, Armand commanded a large battalion of Robians to enslave the local population and quell any rebellions, thus becoming the nemesis of the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters' leader Rob O' the Hedge. Sonic engaged Armand in combat while freeing many of Armand's prisoners, trying desperately to jog his memory, especially that of his son. This, however, failed, as Sonic and the others escaped while Armand remained a tyrant of the land. Sonic later revealed what he had learned of Armand to Antoine upon his return to Mobotropolis. (StH: #58)

Free Will Restored

After Antoine, Bunnie Rabbot and Amy Rose retrieved the roboticized Armand from Albion they brought him back to Knothole and placed him in prison until they found a means to restore him to his former self. Antoine was forced to leave Armand in Knothole's jail for weeks until Sally restored Armand's free will and memories using the Sword of Acorns. Armand reunited with Antoine and returned to his old home. (StH: #99, #102)

Rob O' the Hedge, having been Armand's arch-nemesis during his time as High Sheriff, wasn't convinced Armand had changed, and remained in Knothole for some time to see if it was true. Armand proved himself after spending two days with Rob however, and Rob even departed on good terms with him. Some time later, Armand, along with the rest of the Robian population, was de-roboticized by the Bem. (StH: #111, #123)

Fighting the Eggman Empire


General Armand at Fort Acorn

During Sonic's year-long absence in space following the Xorda's attack, Armand resumed command of his Mes Braves Battalion. When Sonic returned, Armand was stationed at Fort Acorn near the ruins of Robotropolis, protecting the dome shield which contained deadly radiation. When Dr. Eggman launched a three-pronged offensive targeting the Kingdom of Acorn and the Republic of Station Square, Armand and the Mes Braves Battalion defended the dome shield against a horde of Eggman's SWATbots with assistance from the Chaotix, Amy Rose and G.U.N., successfully pushing back the assaulting army of robots through teamwork. (StH: #131, #132, #133)

Ailing Health and Death

In the next few months following this, Armand began suffering constant declining health problems that eventually forced him to give up fighting, with Dr. Quack clueless to explain it, apart from it may be some form of poisoning, possibly from years ago and was just beginning to affect him. Armand helped the war effort any way he could, and during the first Battle Simulation with between the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, Armand apologised for ever putting pressure on Sally to marry Antoine but suddenly collapsed and remained at Julayla Memorial Hospital, seriously ill. (StH: #153)

Passing away

General D'Coolette passing away, having been fatally poisoned by Patch

After Patch (Antoine's counterpart from Anti-Mobius) was discovered trying to usurp the Kingdom from Max, Doctor Quack discovered that Armand's health problems were being caused by the same poison as what Patch used on King Max. Since it was being given to Armand via laced food, Armand's dose was far heavier, and was declared terminal. Antoine came to his father on his deathbed, where he re-assured the morally-weak Antoine that he wasn't a failiure in his eyes, and instead viewed him as a far greater warrior than he, and implored Antoine to cherish his relationship with Bunnie. Armand, succumbing to the poison, died with a smile on his face, his last words saying he would tell Antoine's mother he was doing okay, and that she would be as proud of him as he was. (StH: #156, #168)


After Armand's death, Amadeus Prower took over command at Fort Acorn, and fought in General D'Coolette's name when the Iron King attacked in the hope of ridding New Mobotropolis of its power supply. (StH: #207)


Armand D'Coolette looks very much like his son Antoine, though is usually depicted as being older and with facial hair. He also usually lacked the blonde hair Antoine possessed on top of his head, though he did still have his brown fur. One of his youngest depictions (as seen in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia)-showed him with hair the same color as Antoine's, which his facial hair was also shown to be. He was also known to wear a royal guard uniform similar to Antoine's, though often with a red cape in addition.

Background Information

  • The name "Armand" was never actually stated in any of the comics until recently, with the character always referenced as "General D'Coolette". The name Armand came from a summary of future story ideas by writer Karl Bollers and was picked up by fans. Though Bollers stories did not come to be used, the name "Armand" was finally used in Sonic the Hedgehog #207, making it tier 1 canon.
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