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Argyle the Crocodile
Biographical information
Physical description
  • Black headphones with antennas
  • Small spectacles
  • Black boots
  • Belt
  • White gloves
  • Tuxedo (formal)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Agility
  • Good dancer
  • Computer network hacking
  • Tactical coordination

Argyle the Crocodile was Vector the Crocodile's son from the Light Mobius universe. Argyle was described by Vector as being something of a homebody. Like his father, he wore a set of headphones, but Argyle's came equipped with antenna. In the alternate timeline, he was a member of the Future Freedom Fighters and supplied technical support by hacking into computers and working with transmissions.


Unaltered Timeline[]

Argyle seems to be somewhat attracted to Lara-Su, and came to her Unveiling. Despite Vector's apprehension, Argyle actually made him look bad, dancing with Lara-Su with skill superior to that of his father. (StH: #132)

Alternate Timeline[]


Argyle as part of the Future Freedom Fighters

Argyle remained after the timeline was altered. He was a close friend of Lara-Su, and the two may have been romantically involved. Lara-Su chose to hide out at Argyle's place after the Dark Presence managed to capture Castle Mobius and the adult Prowers. Argyle greeted the group warmly, welcoming King Sonic, Skye, and Melody Prower into his home. Once it became clear that a new group of Freedom Fighters was needed, Argyle revealed that he had contacted two potential candidates after receiving Lara-Su's call: Jacques D'Coolette and his sister Belle D'Coolette. The new team soon found itself pitted against King Shadow's method of revenge, the monstrous Tikhaos, after Argyle helped Lara-Su, Melody, and Skye get into the castle. (SU: #6, #7)

When King Sonic instructed Argyle to contact the E.S.T. and evacuate Portal, Argyle informed him they were already doing so from being on alert during the celebration. Argyle continued to hold the signal and relay information about the evacuation efforts to Echidnopolis. He was not present at Tikhaos' defeat, but was regarded by Lara-Su as being "there in spirit" when Manik and Sonia Acorn joined the team. (SU: #8)


Lara & Argyle Dance

Argyle dancing with Lara-Su at her unveiling

In both versions of Mobius: X Years Later, Argyle has shown interest in Lara-Su, wanting to dance with her at her Unveiling and receiving her quite warmly when she and her fellow fugitives arrived at his home. He also showed a hint of jealousy when Jacques D'Coolette kissed Lara-Su on the hand. (StH: #132, SU: #7)


Not much of Argyle's personality is shown in the unaltered timeline, though he seems to be rather shy and is considered by his father to be something of a homeboy. In the altered future he is clearly shown to be a loyal and respectful friend, as well as something of an admirer of the previous generation of heroes, especially King Sonic who he "geeked out" over when he said his trademark line of "Let's do it to it".


While he appears to possess even greater agility than his father, Argyle is more of a tactician than a front line fighter. As such, he provides the Future Freedom Fighters with intelligence and technical support, being an expert hacker.

Background Information[]

  • Due to the fact that Vector's design hadn't been changed before the original Mobius: X Years Later story came out, Argyle's original design mirrored Vector's Knuckles Chaotix look rather than his Sonic Heroes look. Beginning in SU #7, his design is changed to resemble the Sonic Heroes Vector.
  • Argyle is another way of spelling "Argyll", part of the name of the "Argyll and Bute" council in Scotland.
  • Argyle's name sounds like "agile", which is one of Argyle's skills. This may have a pun on Argyle's father's name, Vector.
  • In SU #7 his name is misspelled "Argyll".
  • Argyle`s name also means a diamond pattern of multiple colors.
  • SU #25 seems to hint that a version of Argyle may be the father of Edmund (P.X.E.), based on Edmund's remark that Prelate-V reminded him of his father. This would indicate that Lara-Su and Argyle ended up as a couple following the formation of the Future Freedom Fighters in the 3437 P.X.E. future.

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