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First Appearance

Sonic & Knuckles

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #191

Biographical information

Mobian/Fire Ant

Physical description


  • Skin: Dark Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Bone Necklace
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Brown Vest
  • Brown Boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Intelligence
  • Longevity
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation

Archimedes, or "Archy" as he was also known, was a Fire Ant and member of the Fire Ant Council attached to the Brotherhood of Guardians, dedicated to aid them in their mission to protect Angel Island. Archimedes was the son of fellow council members Semper Fidelis and grandson of Deo Volente, with each serving as a mentor to the current Guardian going all the way back to the time of their ancestor Christopheles. Archimedes has served as mentor to the Guardians Sabre, Locke and Knuckles, becoming close friends with the latter and collaborating many times to fight enemies, and even solve personal problems in their social lives (e.g. Knuckles' blooming, yet hesitant, relationship with Julie-Su). Archimedes was one of the few remaining sentient inhabitants of the Island following the departure of the Echidna population through the actions of Enerjak and a devastating invasion by the Eggman Empire.


Sabre and Locke's Mentor

With a longevity almost as impressive as that of the Guardians, Archimedes' ancestors had watched over and guided young Guardians as they sought their powers down through the centuries, beginning with Christopheles and Steppenwolf. Archy first took part in this practice to train Sabre, the son of Athair, after Athair refused to return to Angel Island to resume his forsaken post as Guardian after the death of his mother Janelle-Li. This change was referenced to by Archy himself, who once commented to Locke-Sabre's son-that even his father, Semper Fidelis, had had trouble dealing with Athair. At any rate, Archimedes trained Sabre and then Locke, before years later taking on the role of instructing Locke's son and the most powerful Guardian yet by far, Knuckles. (KtE: #2, #3, #11)

Knuckles' Mentor



In the beginning, following a pattern set forth by his ancestors, Archy played games with Knuckles' mind, leaving obscure clues to his existence such as his name burned into a rock. Eventually, Archy "abducted" Knuckles' friends, the Chaotix, in order to lure him to the Grand Conservatory of the Echidnas. There Archy revealed himself for the first time, telling Knuckles a part of the history between their two families. At that moment, Enerjak emerged from beneath the ruins of Mount Fate, swooping down on the Grand Conservatory to capture the Chaotix and banish Archy and Knuckles to Sandopolis, a vast desert region of Angel Island. Working together to overcome the obstacles in their path, they made their way to Enerjak's newly recreated city of Nekronopolis. Engaging the brainwashed Chaotix in battle, they defeated them and faced Enerjak. Locke intervened secretly at this point, sending Enerjak into outer space and temporarily ending his threat. (KMS: #1, #2, #3, STT)

Archy thus became an adviser to the Chaotix as he continued Knuckles' training. Unfortunately, his concealing of Brotherhood secrets from his young pupil would come back to haunt Archy as the Dark Legion, led by Grandmaster Kragok, made their first appearance on Angel Island in Knuckles' lifetime. Knuckles and his allies were able to defeat these enemies, but another problem arose when Knuckles met a rogue Legionnaire named Julie-Su. She admitted to feeling some strange attraction to Knuckles, which Archy quickly-and uneasily-recognized as the Soultouch. (KtE: #1, #2, #3, #4)

Archy would then help Knuckles as Echidnaopolis was restored to Angel Island, though he would continue to hide secrets as he worked with Knuckles' ancestor Hawking. After the Guardian left, Archy and Knuckles would find his trademark hat left behind for Knuckles. From that time on, Archy continued to instruct Knuckles as best he could, trying to help him in his efforts to become a better Guardian. He would later face Enerjak again, imprisoned by the returning demigod to prevent him from aiding Knuckles. Escaping, he joined in the battle against Mammoth Mogul, and later would help Knuckles struggle to come to grips with his feelings about Julie-Su, whom he soon fell in love with. (StH: #56, KtE: #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #26)

Troubles on Angel Island

When the Brotherhood rallied in Haven upon the arrival of Mathias, Archimedes was present along with his father and grandfather. However, they did not join with the Brotherhood in their assault on the Grand Conservatory. (SSS: #14)

When Knuckles died temporarily, Archy parted from the rest of the Chaotix and remained on Angel Island, working with the Brotherhood even when the island was lost to Dr. Eggman. He went solo for a time after the Brotherhood disappeared and Locke was captured, and somehow learned of Knuckles' lost Chaos powers. After seeing Knuckles' weakness at exposure to the Master Emerald, Archy theorized that continued exposure would restore the Guardian to his former strength. He was proven right as Knuckles became Super Knuckles to defeat the villainous Hunter, but not before the Overlander sent a great many Echidnas—including Guardian ally Constable Remington of the Echidna Security Team and the Fire Ant Council—to the Egg Grape Chamber. (StH: #138, #141)

Archy remained on Angel Island to keep on eye on Locke while Knuckles returned to the surface, often saving the older Guardian from himself; one such instance involved his teleporting Rouge the Bat to Knothole as she came close to wooing Locke into leading her to the Master Emerald. (StH: #150)

Archy found himself on his own once again as Locke left to search for the Brotherhood, leaving Angel Island in the care of the Dark Legion renegade Dr. Finitevus and his Destructix minions. (StH: #171)

Enerjak's Revival

Archy would later witness Knuckles' return, capture by the Destructix, meeting with Finitevus, and subsequent transformation into the new Enerjak due to a brainwashing spell set on the Master Emerald by Finitevus and activated as Knuckles drew its energies into himself. Trying valiantly to aid Knuckles through telepathy, Archy was unable to save him from the effects. (StH: #181)

Following him to New Mobotropolis and witnessing his battle with Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs, he would later accompany the former to Angel Island with Julie-Su when Locke recruited them for a mission to recover a weapon that would destroy Enerjak. Archy was just as vehement as Julie-Su in objecting to the weapon's use, claiming that Knuckles' new incarnation was exactly what Locke had been trying to create by mutating him. Despite this, he helped Locke fight the Destructix, only for Sonic to destroy the weapon. During the ensuing battle between Enerjak and Super Sonic, Archy and Julie-Su confronted Dr. Finitevus at the newly created Shrine Isle, where he revealed that Knuckles could only be returned to normal by the sacrifice of someone's life. Both were willing to offer themselves up, but Locke stepped in instead to save his son. Finitevus attacked them, but Archy then teleported the doctor away from the battle to give his old student time to perform the necessary ritual to free Knuckles. (StH: #182, #183, #184)

New Problems

None the worse for wear after his confrontation with Finitevus, Archimedes joined the Chaotix in keeping watch over the Master Emerald, and joined Charmy in giving Knuckles some helpful advice in getting over his guilt for his actions as Enerjak. (StH: #186, #191)


Archimedes is known for being rather opinionated, and doesn't like to waste time by being round about. He does his best to encourage his students, past and present, and isn't shy about telling them what they're doing wrong. Despite this, he cares deeply for them, particularly Knuckles, whom he often felt guilty towards for not revealing the secret of his father's continued existence. Concerned with the greater good, Archy is not above leaving his students to suffer through whatever lessons they have to learn themselves, and can be extremely blunt in his methods. No matter what the situation, though, he always stands by his friends. He has also shown sorrow in the knowledge that every Guardian he has tutored has come to face horrible trouble in recent years.


Like all Fire Ants—at least of the line of Christopheles—Archy can breathe fire and teleport, as well as communicating with others telepathically. He can also transport others, though he must be in physical contact for this to work. A master of sleight-of-hand and various magic tricks, he often emphasizes his appearances and disappearances with puffs of smoke. He is well versed in the lore of the Guardians, teaching Knuckles and others the martial and spiritual skills needed to utilize their abilities to their fullest. He also can possibly heat up his body, as shown when Knuckles tried to eat him. Knuckles spit him out, due to Archimedes being to hot for Knuckles to eat. To which, after being spit out, he told Knuckles to "Not do that again!".

Background Information

  • Though unnamed, a shadowy image of a fire ant was discovered by accident when Espio the Chameleon, tripped in some bushes during a game of tag. The fire ant disappeared before Espio could get a good look. There is at least some speculation that this was Archimedes, especially as no other fire ants had been introduced yet. (KCX)
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