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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

July 2001

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • J. F. Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 99 was the ninety-ninth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Blow By Blow"

Sonic and Tails sneak into Sonic's room through the window late at night. Sonic starts to warn Tails to be careful to not wake his parents when Bernie and Jules appear by the door. Explaining that they've been worried sick, feel like Tails is as good as family, and have a right to know what's going on, they ask the boys for an explanation.

The next morning, the Acorn royal family is presented to the celebrating citizens of Knothole. Sally reflects on how she finally has her family and her kingdom is at peace, but she's grown distant from her friends. As she ponders, she spots Geoffrey St. John and the Secret Service in the crowd. She grabs the attention of Elias as Geoffrey tells them the bad news about their mission. Meanwhile, Bernie and Jules are discussing Sonic and Tails' stories. Bernie feels guilty for scolding them for sneaking out when they had both been captured. Jules starts to respond when Mina arrives, asking if she can see Sonic.

At Castle Acorn, Nate Morgan heads to the throne room to report the contents of Sir Charles' full message to Elias. As he enters the room, he overhears Geoffrey telling Elias that Robotropolis is populated by Overlanders. Nate tells Elias that Uma Arachnis stole the Sword of Acorns from Dr. Robotnik, and Sally deduces that, since he is Arachnis's ally, Kodos may know where she is. Geoffrey and the Secret Service leave to interrogate Kodos while Elias silently blames himself for everything that's gone wrong. Sally, to Elias's surprise, has slipped out of the castle, having asked a group of dancers to help disguise her.

Sonic and Tails attempt to help Mina control her speed. Sonic taunts her to make her run faster, but Mina ends up crashing into a tree. Sonic asks Tails to head back home while he helps her, but Tails hears a strange noise and instead heads over to check it out. Mina lashes out at Sonic and blames him for her problems, but Sonic tells her to calm down and that teasing is just part of being a Freedom Fighter. Mina, thinking Sonic meant she'd make a good Freedom Fighter, kisses him. Sally arrives just as this happens and sadly turns to head back to the castle while Sonic sheepishly pushes Mina away.

Meanwhile at Castle Acorn, Kodos goes berserk and knocks out Geoffrey and the Secret Service. Sally arrives and asks Doctor Quack to take care of the Secret Service members. Quack tells her that Kodos has been driven insane by the toxins in Robotropolis and that without medical treatment he would've died. Sally, Tails, and Rotor head out to track down Kodos and split up in the forest. Sally finds a weakened Uma Arachnis on the ground, and as Arachnis tries to speak Kodos sneaks up behind them. Nate finds Sonic and tells him about the situation with Kodos, and Sonic speeds off. In Knothole Prison Antoine guards his father, the High Sheriff. Bunnie tries to comfort Antoine, who's upset about his father being under Dr. Robotnik's control, when Sonic arrives and asks for their help. Revealing that he knows a way to restore the sheriff's will, Sonic leads them into the forest to search for Kodos.

Story Two[]

"What Comes Around Goes Around"

On board the Dark Legion's battle cruiser, Dimitri is angrily barking orders at his men as the ship experiences turbulence. The troops inform their leader that they were hit by a massive shock wave that they couldn't detect. They find that the shock must have come from the Floating Island, which is directly behind them. Finding a transmission of Chaos Knuckles fighting Turbo Tails and then suddenly vanishing, Dimitri decides that they need to head for the Floating Island post-hate.

Knuckles arrives at a ruined Dark Legion base on the Floating Island, having teleported there after hearing Julie-Su's voice. He wanders inside to find her being captured by the Dark Legion...and himself coming to rescue her. Knuckles starts to intervene when the ghost of his ancestor, Hawking, appears to stop him. Hawking explains that Knuckles can now teleport through time and space, and takes Knuckles to his dead body in Haven as an example. He then tells Knuckles that both of them are actually evolving, despite his physical body being dead.

Hawking vanishes mysteriously while Knuckles ponders why he isn't in constant pain and agony anymore. The Dark Legion approaches the island, their sensors detecting massive amounts of energy radiating from Haven. Knuckles' energy wave disappears suddenly. Dimitri tells Lien-Da to fetch Julie-Su when the energy reading suddenly disappears. Knuckles appears in the ship behind them, demanding answers.


  • Sonic: "Hurry up, Mina! This practice run was your idea!"
  • Mina: "AAAAAHHH!"
  • Sonic: "Is that all ya got? Is that the fastest you could go?"
  • Mina: "YEEEESSSSS!"
  • Sonic: "Oh."

  • Hawking: "My bodily functions may have ceased, but I'm evolving! Just as you are!"

  • Knuckles: "Don't I have a say in any of this?"
  • Hawking: "Did the caterpillar before becoming a butterfly?"

Key Events[]

  • Sally witnesses Mina kissing Sonic and thinks they are a couple.
  • Kodos escapes the castle, defeats Arachnis, Tails, and Rotor.
  • Knuckles is revealed to be able to travel across time.
  • Dimitri and the Dark Legion return to the Floating Island.
  • Tails is kidnapped and replaced with a clone (not revealed until Sonic the Hedgehog #114)

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