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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

January 1994

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Victor Gorelick
  • Paul Castiglia
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 9 was the ninth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Pseudo-Sonic" - Part One

Dr. Ivo Robotnik analyzes a chart with all the data he has on Sonic the Hedgehog and uses it to create a new robot called Pseudo-Sonic. In the Great Forest, Sonic comes up from the secret entrance to Knothole and accidentally hits Antoine D'Coolette. Antoine demands to know where Sonic is going, since he's on guard duty, but Sonic refuses and heads out to pick flowers for Princess Sally. Out in the meadow, Sonic runs into Betty Butterfly, who tells him he's picking Poison Sumac Blossoms. Sonic is terribly allergic to the flowers and swells up like a balloon.

Back at Knothole's secret entrance, Antoine complains to Pseudo-Sonic, who he thinks is the real Sonic, that he is almost late for curfew. Antoine then leads Pseudo-Sonic into Knothole, and the other members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters instantly realize it's a robot. Pseudo-Sonic then contacts Dr. Robotnik and prepares to transmit Knothole's coordinates.

"Pseudo-Sonic" - Part Two

Pseudo-Sonic makes contact with Robotnik, but Tails runs in a circle around him while dragging his tails along the floor to create a field of static electricity that causes Pseudo-Sonic to short out and blow up. Rotor then takes the pieces to his workshop to analyze it. Meanwhile, Sonic managed to crawl out of the patch of Poison Sumacs, reaching the edge of the Great Forest. Dr. Robotnik shows up nearby after triangulating approximate area of Pseudo-Sonic's last transmission. Back in Knothole, Rotor determines that Pseudo-Sonic was created by Dr. Robotnik and Betty Butterfly tells them about how Sonic suffered an allergic reaction to the Poison Sumacs.

Delighted to find Sonic helpless, Robotnik fires his flamethrower at Sonic. He just barely misses and prepares to use his mace. Bunnie Rabbot shows up just in the nick of time to blast Robotnik's hovercraft and then throws him all the way back to Robotropolis. She returns to Sonic's side and uses an ointment made by her Aunt Lulumae on his rash. The duo head back to Knothole just as Rotor puts the remains of a still active Pseudo-Sonic in the trash can, leaving Sonic in the dark about the day's events.

Story Two[]

"What's the Point?"

Sonic picks a bunch of flowers for Sally's birthday, only to realize they've been ruined due to his high speed running. He's disappointed by his failure to find a present for her when a Mobian Needle Bird falls out of a tree on his head. Sonic takes care of the bird, names it Thorny, and decides to take it home to Knothole and give it to Sally as a present. However, she refuses to let it remain in Knothole, fearing it be another one of Robotnik's animal-themed booby traps. Thorny further aggravates Sally by eating her birthday cake.

With Sonic gone to return Thorny to its nest, Sally leaves to pick more berries for her cake. She soon falls into the clucthes of a robot disguised as a tree. Sonic rushes in to save her and is saved from the killer tree by Thorny. Sonic cuts off the tree's arm and has to pry the fingers off of Sally. While he's preoccupied, Robotnik arrives with a freeze blaster to zap the Freedom Fighters. Thorny drives Robotnik off by firing its needles at him. In gratitude, Sally names Thorny an honorary Freedom Fighter.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages[]

"The All New, Pumped-Up, Sonic the Hedgehog Pin-Up! (Sold Out!)"

Full page illustration of Sonic's head on the body of a massive body builder. Accompanied with a second page showing that Sonic was just posing for a picture behind a cut-out of a body builder at the carnival.

Short Stories[]

"Tooth or Consequences!"

Dr. Robotnik is informed by Orbinaut that his newest robot is ready to be deployed. Robotnik gleefully wonders how vicious and horrifying his new robot will be. Robotnik and Orbinaut are stunned by the very sight of the new robot, and Robotnik orders a nearby SWATbot to dismantle the new 'bot immediately. Robotnik laments that even he isn't cruel enough to allow a Dentist 'Bot to terrorize the world.


  • Bunnie: "So much for him! How do you feel, Sonic?"
  • Sonic: "I don't mean to be rash, but find me someone to sue, mac!"
  • Bunnie: "That rash will clear up of my Aunt Lulumae's ointment...cornmeal paste with cloves, kudzu root, bramble berry pits, eye of newt..."
  • Sonic: "Yuk... Sometimes the cure's worse than the disease!"

  • Sonic: "Excuse me, reader, but we will now pause to use all the bad tree puns and get them over with! I don't want to go out on a limb but I wood l like to get to the root of Sally's problem! I'd be a sap if I decided to leaf! As forest that's concerned, I'll try to cedar things through fir sure! If knot, I'll be pine-ing and weeping! I'd much rather take a bough! Oak-K? Cool! Now you can continue our adventure without having to read any more of those!"

Key Events[]

  • Pseudo-Sonic is defeated.

Background Information[]

  • This issue is the first appearance of a Sonic robot duplicate; Pseudo-Sonic.
  • Pseudo Sonic would not be seen again until Sonic the Hedgehog #170.
  • Rotor is wearing a "Hello, my name is Rotor" name tag and had renamed his shop to "Rotor's Shop," to stop reader confusion over his name.
  • The 1-page story "Tooth or Consequences!" reveals Robotnik fears dentists.
  • The first story is based loosely on an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode of the same title.
  • This is the last issue to introduce a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog for over 20 years, the streak broken with Sonic the Hedgehog #268 with Breezie the Hedgehog.

Cameos & References[]

  • The cover of this issue is a reference to the classic DC Comics story: "The Flash of Two Worlds!".

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