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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

September 15, 2000

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 89 was the eighty-ninth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Thicker Than Water" - Chapter One

King Acorn is taken to the Knothole emergency room, having suffered a concussion during his battle in Robotropolis. Sally, already shaken by her mother's operation and her friends leaving Knothole, tearfully asks Sonic why he didn't protect her father. Geoffrey St. John tries to explain what happened, but Sally begins sobbing and runs away. Sonic tries to follow her, but Geoffrey stops him, suggesting she needs some time alone. Elias disagrees and tells the others to leave Sally to him. In Robotropolis, a group of Shadowbots are guiding Robians to their stations when Dr. Eggman returns from Station Square and finds that his lab has been torn apart.

Back in Knothole, Rosie explains to Sonic that Sally has been burdened with stress and isn't angry at him. Sonic understands, but still feels guilty for letting the king get hurt. They part ways as Mina delivers Snaggle, Rory and Sasha back to Rosie. Elsewhere, Elias finds Sally sitting near a pond. They begin to confide in each other as Sally explains that everyone in her family seems to be keeping secrets from her. Elias apologizes for not telling her about their mother's condition and tells her that he isn't as fit for succeeding the throne as she is. He then tells her that Sonic was busy trying to save him when their father was attacked.

Meanwhile, Sonic's parents try to cheer him up. Sonic tells his father that he might not be thinking about his actions enough. Before Jules can console him, Sonic thinks aloud that he wishes Uncle Chuck was around to help him figure things out.

"Thicker Than Water" - Chapter Two

Dr. Eggman sits in his base, watching a recording of the attack on his lab that recently took place. He quickly realizes that the Sword of Acorns temporarily restored the free will of Chuck and Muttski and sends his Shadowbots to fetch the sword for him. At Sonic's house, Sonic and Tails come to the same conclusion.

Sonic's mother tells the kids that their breakfast -- a plate of chilli dogs -- is ready. Sonic digs in, but becomes melancholy as he remembers Uncle Chuck's chilli dog stand. Outside, Mina thinks about how Eggman has taken away everyone she loves and plots her revenge.

A royal guardsman tells Sally and Elias that their parents' surgery is complete. The royal siblings rush to Dr. Quack, who guides them to the king and queen. The king greets his children just as Alicia Acorn finally wakes from her perpetual slumber. The family rejoices, having finally been reunited. Unbeknownst to the royal family, however, Sonic has stolen the Sword of Acorns from the Royal Reliquary and is heading through the Great Forest towards Robotropolis. As he heads to his uncle's rescue, Sonic fails to notice a figure lurking in the shadows.

Story Two[]

"A Matter of Self Interest"

Knuckles, Rob O' the Hedge, Antoine, Bunnie and Amy head out on their journey to Albion. As the group crosses the channel lying between Snottingham and their destination, Rob tells them that when they last met Knuckles was guiding the Lost Tribe to Albion.

Meanwhile, in the chambers of the Albion High Council, Gala-Na watches the group from a security camera and wonders aloud why Knuckles did not join the Lost Tribe in their city. Yanar defends Knuckles' actions, explaining that he was needed elsewhere; Councilor Rita-Li agrees, but suggests that the others may be a nuisance and is especially concerned by the fact that Antoine resembles the High Sheriff.

Knuckles' group lands on the shores of Albion, discussing the mysterious disappearance of the High Sheriff since their last battle, when Gala-Na appears before them. Knuckles tries to get information about what happened to the Floating Island, but Gala-Na insists that the group relax in nearby lodgings before they continue to discuss things. Citizens working under the council monitor the group and confirm that they've all gone to sleep -- except Knuckles. Noticing this, Yanar pays his old friend a visit. Knuckles immediately asks Yanar if he's come to be social or talk about business.

Cutting to the point, Yanar explains that the Albionites know why Knuckles has come to them. Knuckles is outraged to learn that the people of Albion knew about what happened to the Floating Island but didn't try to save the island. Yanar counters that they have more pressing concerns and leads him to the High Sheriff, restrained on a surgical table. He explains to Knuckles that with Dr. Eggman resuming his war against Mobius, the High Council has decided to deactivate the Robian. Suddenly, the Sheriff springs to life and tears off his shackles. Knuckles pushes Yanar aside, hoping to handle the situation more delicately than killing the Sheriff. An explosion rings out over Albion, startling Rob and Antoine.


  • Sonic: "Maybe I'm just a loose cannon -- always acting before thinking."
  • Jules: "I--"
  • Sonic: "I wish Uncle Chuck were here. He had all the answers..."

Key Events[]

  • King Max is rushed into surgery to treat his wounds.
  • Dr. Eggman returns to Robotropolis, discovers that the Sword of Acorns may restore Robian free will, and sends his Shadowbots to retrieve it.
  • Mina decides to infiltrate Robotropolis to save her mother again.
  • Sonic steals the Sword of Acorns to save Uncle Chuck and Muttski in Robotropolis.
  • Alicia Acorn awakens from her coma.
  • Knuckles engages in battle with the High Sheriff.

Background Information[]

Cameos & References[]

  • A statue of Mega Man can be seen behind the title on this issue's cover.
  • This issue's cover also features cameos by Astal and Neo from Super Magnetic Neo.

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