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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

December 1993

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Victor Gorelick
  • Paul Castiglia
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 8 was the eighth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Bot's All Folks" - Part One

A SWATbot comes to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, presenting a fugitive Crabmeat. The Crabmeat is in custody for possessing Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. Robotnik is enraged that his "no reading" rule has been broken and is about to throw the bot into the spare parts separator when it claims to have read the comic books to assist his master. Crabmeat suggests that Robotnik could use them as the basis for super-powered robots to deploy against the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Robotnik likes the idea and decides to scrap both Crabmeat and the SWATbot for the necessary parts. Days later, Robotnik is preparing to "dedicate" a new site for a toxic-waste dumping pond at the edge of the Great Forest.

Sonic shows up to put a stop to the ceremony, but Robotnik reveals that it was a setup to draw Sonic out. He activates a flashlight that projects a signal into the sky, summoning the first of his new Comic Book Bots: 'Botman. The robot lands a kick on Sonic, who retaliates with a super-speed charge, only to rebound off 'Botman's armor. Robotnik stands over his defeated nemesis, rejoicing over his apparent victory, only for Sonic to rise up and launch into a Spin-Dash at 'Botman. However, as the Freedom Fighters observe from Freedom HQ, Sonic has been defeated.

"Bot's All Folks" - Part Two

'Botman stands atop a seemingly defeated Sonic as Robotnik is celebrating his victory, only for Crabmeat to point out a nearby pile of robot parts. Robotnik realizes that they are the parts he used to build 'Botman, and the robot topples over. Sonic reveals that he used his super speed to disassemble 'Botman and then pose the empty outer shell, just to get on Robotnik's nerves. Robotnik informs Sonic that he still has more comic book heroes to base his robots on, and has already ordered a second model. He prepares to introduce a Wolverine robot, but is informed that due to a communications glitch he has instead received a "Wolvurkel" robot. Robotnik fumes a bit before revealing the next robot in the series: Spawnmower.

Determined to stop the robot from destroying the forest, Sonic strikes it while it stops to pose, pulling the spark plug wire and causing it to lose all power. He then pushes Spawnmower off a cliff, destroying it. Robotnik sends out more robots in rapid succession: Magbot, Captain Marbot, and Mighty 'Bot. Sonic easily defeats them, leaving behind a large pile of broken robot parts, and then sets his sights on Robotnik. Before he can attack him, however, he slips on oil left by the destroyed machines, and Robotnik takes advantage of the opportunity to escape by riding away on Crabmeat. Sonic grumbles that he forgot that all superhero stories involve the villain getting away, but returns to Knothole for a celebration.

Story Two[]

"A Little Sonic Goes a Long Way" - Part One

Sonic plays a note on his guitar, and then impresses Tails by reaching him before the note does. Tails says that it's been a long time since he last heard a guitar, and Sally points out that it's because of Robotnik's ban against music. Sonic begins to play the guitar for his teammates, only for the music to carry to Robotropolis, where Robotnik hears it and screams. Robotnik quickly determines that Sonic must be responsible for the music, and Snively explains that he may have the perfect means of defeating the hedgehog: a device that can miniaturize living beings for an hour. Robotnik is confident that he'll have plenty of time to catch the Freedom Fighters if they're stuck at that size, and turns to his Freedom Fighter Finder to track them. Snively hums the tune Sonic was playing, and Robotnik chases after him in outrage, intent on using the reducing device on him first.

Some time later, Sonic leads his friends to the abandoned Mobius Concert Hall, where he found his guitar. He also reveals that there are plenty of instruments for everyone, and the group heads in to retrieve them before they can be spotted. Unfortunately, the hall is a dump and they are struck by a ray from the reducing machine. Robotnik swoops in on them with a mobile Roboticizer with a vacuum attachment, intent on sucking them up.

"A Little Sonic Goes a Long Way" - Part Two

Robotnik sets his sights on Sonic, determined to capture him first. Sonic is still in possession of his speed and manages to cut his way into a cardboard box, releasing a wave of old concert programs that clog up the vacuum, and escapes. The miniature Freedom Fighters hide while Sonic distracts Robotnik, drawing him towards the orchestra pit. Robotnik's roboticizer falls into it and is destroyed. However, Robotnik whips out a handheld model and suck Sonic up. Before he can Roboticize Sonic, the Freedom Fighters use a cello to launch bows at Robotnik, knocking the device from his hand and driving him back. The reducing effects wear off and the Freedom Fighters return to normal size, including Sonic, who breaks out of the vacuum.

The Freedom Fighters demand that Robotnik leave, but he reveals he's sent for his Badniks, who will surround the hall. As he gleefully anticipates turning the Freedom Fighters into Robians and having them destroy the concert hall, the Freedom Fighters use their secret weapon: the instruments. Robotnik flees in agony, and Rotor finds the miniaturizing device, giving Sonic an idea in using it as a solution to shrink the badnik's. Not too much later, Robotnik's office is filled with miniature Badniks, which he orders Snively to remove before they return to normal size.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages[]

Bowling Pin-Up

Full page illustration of two Knothole freedom fighters bowling. Sonic is peeved that he "left the five pin-up!"


  • Sonic "Shucks...t'weren't nothin'!"
  • Rotor: "Nothin'? All those inside jokes are bound to make this issue highly collectible."

  • Sonic: "That's where I found my guitar, Freedom Fighters!-- In the abandoned Concert Hall! There are enough instruments inside for us to form our own band!"
  • Bunnie: "Great! Can Ah play cymbals and a saxophone!"
  • Rotor: "Why, Bunnie?"
  • Bunnie: "'Cause Ah'm the sax-cymbal of this team, sugah!"
  • Sonic: "Okay Robotnik-- you asked for it! let him have it, guys!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic defeats all of Robotnik's comic-based Badniks.
  • The Freedom Fighters defeat Robotnik despite being reduced to miniature size.

Background Information[]

  • This issue includes the first regular appearance of Snively. His outfit is all white in this issue.
  • In Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Mega Collection Plus' comic cover gallery, this cover was altered to remove the Marvel lookalike robots.
  • While not mentioned in dialogue, a map in Robotnik's lair shows the space between the Great Forest and Robotropolis as the Forbidden Zone.

Cameos & References[]

  • Robots resembling Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, and Captain America partially appear on the cover, but not in the issue itself.
  • Dr. Robotnik's Comic Book 'Bots are all parodies of existing comic book characters.
  • Several references and in-jokes are also made regarding these robots.
    • Sonic calls 'Botman "Beavis and Bothead", a reference to the television series "Beavis and Butthead".
    • When revealing the "Wolvurkel", Robotnik tells Sonic he'll "marvel" at this robot, a reference to Wolverine being a property of Marvel Comics.
    • Steve Urkel, one half of the "Wolvurkel", was played by Jaleel White. Sonic notes that Wolvurkel's voice sounds familiar, as Jaleel White voiced Sonic in SatAM.
    • Robotnik mulls over the word "Image" just before introducing Spawnmower, referencing Image Comics, Spawn's publishing company. Sonic also notes during his fight with Spawnmower that it stops every few panels to strike a pinup pose.
    • Sonic pushes Spawnmower off a cliff, passing by a sign reading "McFar Lane," a reference to Todd McFarlane, Spawn's creator.
    • Sonic mentions that Magbot was "A valiant try", referencing the 1990s Magnus, Robot Fighter series by Valiant Comics.
    • Robotnik mentions that Captain Marbot was revived from the "Golden Age", referring to the Golden Age of Comics in which Captain Marvel was created.
  • When Robotnik escapes, he yells "Hiyo Crabmeat" as a nod to the Lone Ranger series.

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