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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

April 1999

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • J. Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 72 was the seventy-second issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"I, Robotnik"

In Knothole, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Nate Morgan gather in Sonic's home to watch King Max's first broadcast on the new Telecrates created by Nate and Rotor. The machines, built from leftover Robotnik technology and fueled by Power Rings, have been mass produced to allow all the citizens of the Kingdom of Acorn to view the broadcast. However, Sally informs the others that she's expected at the palace for the broadcast, while Rotor announces his intent to finally learn the fate of the Walrus Herd. The Freedom Fighters bid their friend farewell, and Sally and Nate then depart to join the king, Elias, and Geoffrey St. John at the palace. Max reveals that he intends to announce the status of Queen Alicia Acorn as well as the recent defeat of Ixis Naugus. The broadcast begins and is viewed by the Hedgehog family, the Freedom Fighters, Kodos Lion -- on a stolen Telecrate -- and even John Doe and his wife Jane.

All viewers are soon treated to a shock, however, as the king's broadcast is preempted by another, courtesy of yet another mystery satellite. The new program is a documentary on the late Dr. Robotnik, detailing his birth to Ivo and Bertha Kintobor and the existence of his older brother Colin. His brief tenure as Nate's lab assistant is noted, as is the start of the Great War and the original design of the Ultimate Annihilator and him working for the Ministry of Conflict. It is then revealed that Robotnik -- then known as Julian Kintobor -- was sentenced to ten years in prison by the Ministry of Justice for wanting to use fellow Overlanders as test subjects, but chose instead to flee to the Kingdom of Acorn. His betrayal of King Acorn and Kodos, his sabotage of Uncle Chuck's Roboticizer, the arrival of his nephew Snively and his takeover of Mobotropolis are recounted, as is the Freedom Fighters' resistance effort. The heroes are then informed of Robotnik's attempts to seek revenge on the Overlanders, only to find their cities vacated.

Robotnik's supposed demise at the hands of E.V.E. is touched upon, as is his return to Mobius as enabled by Robo-Robotnik. The program ends on the events of Operation: EndGame and his "tragic" demise. Sally immediately contacts Sonic, and it is assumed by all that the Telecrates malfunctioned due to the inclusion of Robotnik technology. Responding to the worries of his parents and uncle, Sonic admits to being overwhelmed by having his family with him again. Though he missed being a Freedom Fighter, he is now fully committed to enjoying a peaceful life with his parents. Unbeknownst to the Hedgehog hero, in an unknown location, Snively -- his previous demise apparently falsified -- is confronted with evidence of his treachery against Dr. Robotnik by a shadowy figure that appears to be none other than Robotnik himself.

Story Two[]

Tales Of the Great War: Part One - "The Shot Heard 'Round The World"

Several generations in the past, a rare meeting takes place between an Overlander and a Mobian: in this case, two young boys named Emerson and Paladin. They meet each other in the forest bordering the Badlands separating their two homelands and immediately befriend each other. Paladin reveals that he has been out target shooting and invites Emerson to try out his gun.

Thrown back by the recoil, Emerson returns the gun to Paladin, who then sets his sights on a moving target: a nearby bird. Realizing his intent, Emerson gets in the way of the shot, taking the bullet for the bird. Horrified by the consequences of his actions, Paladin flees, leaving Emerson's body to be found by his father: Theodore Acorn. Rather than seek vengeance, however, the king forbade all contact with the Overland and decreed that the Kingdom of Acorn would from that point forward hold guns and similar weapons in contempt. The tale is revealed to be included in one of Kirby's volumes, being read by Tails, Amy Rose and Jeremiah.

Bonus Content[]

Pinup Pages/Activity Pages[]

Pro Art Pinup

Pinup page of Sally in the Great Forest. Presented in black-and-white as a coloring page. Pencils by Suzanne Paddock, inks by Pam Eklund.

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Sonic and the editor wreck an office room, brainstorming and acting out a story about Sonic battling a giant Combot. As they leave, the janitor comes in to clean up their mess, grumbling about how she hates their Thursday night plotting sessions. Written by Mike Gallagher, art by Dave Manak and Harvey Mercadoocasio.


  • K-Bot: "But as is true with so many historic figures, the good doctor sacrificed his own life in the service of his planet -- protecting her from evil!"

Key Events[]

  • King Max orders telecrates to be distributed so that he may address the kingdom for the future.
  • Rotor departs the kingdom in search of his missing family.
  • A seventh satellite activates, which causes King Max's speech to be cut off and instead replaced with a life story of the late Dr. Robotnik.
  • It is revealed that Dr. Robotnik may still be alive.

Background Information[]

Cameos & References[]

  • This comic featured what was, apparently, a guest appearance from Chester Cheetah.
  • The history of how Robotnik took over Mobotropolis mirrors the intro to the SatAm TV series.
  • The name of the first story is a reference to Isaac Asimov's book I, Robot.
  • The subtitle of the second story is doubtless taken from the initial battles of the American Revolution, Lexington and Concorde, the beginning of which is described as "the shot heard around the world."

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