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This issue takes place after Sonic Super Special #8
Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

January 1999

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 69 was the sixty-ninth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"A Day In The Life"

In Mobotropolis, King Acorn, Elias and Sally watch as Dr. Quack's medical team works on the comatose Alicia Acorn, who is being kept in suspended animation. The doctor comforts them, explaining that their cryogenic chambers have halted queen's illness. While her sickness persists, this gives them more time to find a cure.

Sally demands an explanation from her father for hiding Elias' existence. The king explains that Sally was extremely young when Alicia and Elias went missing and, believing their plane had been shot down en route to the Floating Island, he decided to shield Sally from the pain of losing a brother. Max tells Sally that he dispatched the Secret Service to investigate rumors of Elias' survival, but chose kept their mission a secret to protect her if Elias was not found. He apologizes for pushing the responsibility of ruling on Sally and explains that he intends to concede the throne to Elias.

Outside the castle, the Knothole Freedom Fighters discuss Sonic and Tails' recent tangle with Crocbot alongside the Downunda Freedom Fighters. Nearby, a pair of shadowy figures radio a contact, reporting Sonic's return. The Freedom Fighters run into Nate Morgan, who finds himself thinking that being reunited with King Max made coming back to Mobotropolis worthwhile despite its damaged condition. The group runs into the royal family and Dr. Quack suggests Sally should spend time with her friends to brighten her mood. Sally begins to object, worried about her mother, but her father encourages her to help her friends give Nate and Elias a tour of the city. Outside, Uma Arachnis and another mysterious character spot the gathering, radioing in their report.

While Elias declines the invitation to explore the city, the Freedom Fighters guide Nate around town. Sonic buys Nate a chili dog while yet another pair of incognito spies watch the group from afar; the spies are surprised that the group would treat an Overlander so well given their history with Dr. Robotnik and radio in a report to their boss. The Freedom Fighters stop at Deer John's, a juice bar that recently opened in the city. Sonic immediately finds himself enjoying the party atmosphere, but Nate is uncomfortable. Noticing that he's getting a lot of attention from the other patrons and remembering the tensions between Mobians and Overlanders, Nate suggests that he should leave. Sonic assures him that he's fine, reminding him that he personally helped revolutionize the Kingdom of Acorn.

While everyone is dancing, Sonic approaches Antoine and starts making small talk. He points out that Bunnie seems even fonder of Antoine than before he left. Antoine is a bit skeptical, but admits his love for her with flowery prose. Sonic cuts him off and brings up how there's been a lot of family reunions lately, which causes Antoine to remember his own missing father. Sonic tries his best to gently tell Antoine what happened to the general. Unaware of their conversation, Bunnie notices Antoine's worsening mood and is about to join the conversation when one of the bar's patrons "accidentally" dumps a glass of tomato juice on Nate's head. As he turns to leave, the aggressor is confronted by Sonic, but he quickly slips away while Sally tries to convince Sonic not to start a fight. Three more disguised figures receive orders to converge on their target.

Back at Castle Acorn, King Max speaks to Geoffrey through video conference and is informed of the recent breakout at Devil's Gulag. Geoffrey reveals that all the guards were imprisoned by the escaped inmates, who stole a pair of shuttlecraft that were discovered crashed nearby with no evidence of any survivors. Max quickly arranges for medical treatment for the guards, while Elias asks Geoffrey if he is sure that the prisoners died. Geoffrey remains adamant and asks the prince where the prisoners could have possibly gone.

Back at Deer John's, the group of disguised criminals surround the Freedom Fighters and demand that they surrender Nate. Sonic initially mistakes them for another group of prejudiced Mobians, but is then grabbed by the throat by Kodos Lion. Sally moves to help, only to be knocked unconscious by Nack, which enrages Sonic and prompts him to Spin-Dash his way out of Kodos' grip. He rushes to Sally's side as the villains shed their disguises.

Predator Hawk quickly snags Nate. Rotor attempts to free him, but is subdued by Drago Wolf. Flying Frog and Lightning Lynx engage Tails and Antoine, while Bunnie uses her extending legs to try and rescue Nate only to be toppled by Uma Arachnis and Sleuth Dawg's teamwork. Escaping outside, Predator deposits Nate in their aircraft, where Snively is waiting for them. Their objective accomplished, the villains escape while Sergeant Simian throws a grenade into the bar to prevent the heroes from pursuing them. Sally begins to wake up in Sonic's arms just as the grenade rolls to a stop at his feet.

Story Two[]

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Lupe and the Wolf Pack - Part III: "Weathering The Storm"

Lupe's journal entries reveal that she and the Wolf Pack have been trapped in the abandoned Overlander city for ten days while a storm has raged around them. Their low supplies have led to rationing and scavenging and she has still not come to a decision on what to do with Aerial and Athena, though Reynard seems eager to abandon them. While playing with a ball, Aerial disturbs Canus and Diablo's sleep. Diablo takes advantage of the opportunity to try and teach Aerial a lesson about being kind to others.

Elsewhere, Lupe and Reynard search for supplies in an abandoned house. Reynard tries to convince Lupe that they aren't responsible for the Overlander girls. Lupe disagrees, believing that others would show similar compassion for abandoned wolf cubs and that abandoning the girls would make them as bad as those they fought against to protect their homeland. Reynard remains unconvinced, but Lupe pleads for him to have faith. They head back to their shelter where Aerial and Athena happily greet Lupe.

Celebrating their successful supply run, Canus cooks up a stew for the pack. As the group sits down to eat, Lupe reminds her team that they have much to be grateful for and work ahead of them. Having discussed the matter with the whole pack, Lupe announces her decision to incorporate Athena and Aeriel as members of the pack. Feeling a burning passion, Lupe tells her pack that they will soon return to their homeland and reunite with their families.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages/Activity Pages[]

Pro Art

Pinup illustration of Sonic and Tails running through a sunny field. Presented in black and white as a coloring page. Art by Colleen Doran.

Gag Strips[]

Off Panel

Geoffrey St. John and Wombat Stu apprehend the editor. It turns out they're keeping him in line while Sally proofreads the issue. Written by Mike Gallagher, art by Dave Manak.


  • Lupe: "One must have faith, Reynard -- for without it, all is lost!"

Key Events[]

  • Max explains why he hid Elias' existence from Sally and announces his wish for Elias to succeed him.
  • A number of mysterious figures in cloaks spy on Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.
  • The Devil's Gulag breakout is reported to the king.
  • The mysterious figures reveal themselves to be Kodos, Uma, the Fearsome Foursome, Drago, Sleuth and Nack -- the first incarnation of the group that would later be named the Destructix (StH #162) -- who successfully ambush the Freedom Fighters and kidnap Nate Morgan under Snively's orders.
  • Lupe adopts Aeriel and Athena.

Background Information[]

  • The Wolf Pack adopting Aerial and Athena mimics the real-life legends and accounts of "feral" human children being raised by wolves.

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