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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

October 1998

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
Cover Colorist
  • Justin Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 66 was the sixty-sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"A Friend in Deed"

Sonic and Tails marvel at the massive cache of rings Nate Morgan has stored in his fortress. Eddy the Yeti stops Sonic from reaching out to touch the rings, prompting Nate to explain that they don't want their power exploited by outsiders. Sonic tries to convince Nate that his rings could help people and that he should return to Mobotropolis, but Nate believes that playing hero never works out.

Before the point can be argued any further, Naugus emerges from the stone wall of the fortress. The wizard conjures a wall between the Mobians and the residents to keep Nate from interfering. Nate refuses to leave Sonic and Tails at Naugus' mercy. Eddy shields Nate with his body as the wall of rock explodes, revealing that the others consumed the rings and transformed into powerful new forms.

Naugus attempts to bring the Zone of Silence into Mobius, hoping to spread its magical influence and multiply his power. Sonic intervenes, countering the wizard's elemental powers with his own ring-powered abilities. Tails sicks his summoned Flickies on the wizard, but they are easily frozen in a block of ice. Naugus begins to explain what happened during his stay in the Zone of Silence as Sonic and Tails lose their ring powers, along with any recollection of ever having them, and become exhausted.

The wizard explains that he gained the allegiance of Feist and used his mastery of magic to transform Warlord Kodos, Maximillian Acorn, and Uma Arachnis into crystal. This crystal transformation could be controlled at will and allowed them to live in the zone as long as they obeyed Naugus' will. Naugus explains that he will no longer need help with the zone's influence spreading over Mobius and grabs Nate, intending to tie up one last loose end.

Using a ring hidden in the extra focal lens of his glasses, Nate makes a wish to cast Naugus back into the Zone of Silence and seals the zone away. As Naugus is banished the roof begins to cave in. Eddy quickly moves to catch the falling ceiling while Sonic digs an escape tunnel with his super speed. Weary from the fight, Sonic is unable to go back to save Eddy, and Nate is able only to catch a final glimpse of his noble friend before the entire fortress collapses. The trio of heroes is left in the snow to mourn their lost friend.

Story Two[]

"And Then There Was One"

Several decades in the past, three members of the Order of Ixis - Agunus, Nusgau, and Suguna - attempted to unlock the secrets of Mobius' history prior to the Days of Fury. Despite their combined power and knowledge, they were unable to learn the nature of the cataclysm centuries past. Despite their inability to harness this destructive power, they decided that they would find power elsewhere. Through grudgingly shared knowledge, the trio had mastered the natural elements of earth, water, and wind. Nusgau explained that they would only gain mastery of the element of fire if entered the sun.

They devised a plan to reach the sun together, but each secretly kept knowledge of their respective element to themselves to gain an advantage in reaching the sun first. First over land, then under water, and finally in the air they cheated their way into the lead. As Nusgau headed into the sun, Agunus and Suguna grabed hold of him. Meanwhile, a young Maximillian Acorn saw a shooting star in the sky. The next day, the sorcerer known as Ixis Naugus arrived before King Fredrick and his family, promising to bring prosperity to the Kingdom of Acorn with his magic.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages/Activity Pages[]

"Allan" Pinup

Pinup page of Sonic grappling with a group of Robians as he falls off a cliff. Presented in black-and-white as a coloring page. Pencils by Chris Allan, inks by Andrew Pepoy.


  • Agunus: "That traitorous cretin! He kept a portion of his water-wielding abilities to make him more adept at swimming undersea! How utterly shellfish!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Tails battle and defeat Ixis Naugus.
  • Eddy is killed while helping Sonic, Tails, and Nate Morgan escape.
  • The origin of Naugus is revealed.

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