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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

April 1998

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • J. Freddy Gabrie
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 60 is the sixtieth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Arsenal of The Iron King"

Carrying Sonic through the air, Tails comments that they've found no sign of Ixis Naugus and he's afraid that they've lost him. Sonic disagrees, saying they're still hot on his tail...and that it's actually really hot. The pair are then astonished to come across the source of the heat: an entire mountain covered in fire. Sonic and Tails are confused that the blaze is having no effect on the surrounding forests and decide to land in a village that they spot below them.

Seeing a resident, they ask if she can spare any water, but she informs them that the water supply is dangerously low and thus carefully monitored. She then informs them that the fire has been burning for 100 days, prompting Tails to ask why the villagers haven't relocated. His question draws the attention of another villager, who introduces himself as Li Yuen and their first new acquaintance as Li Moon, his granddaughter. Li Yuen questions whether the pair would be so willing to abandon their home, a point that Sonic concedes to. Sonic asks what the cause of the fire is, and Li Yuen informs them that the Iron Queen cast the spell after the villagers resisted the will of her partner, the Iron King.

Li Yuen goes on to say that only the Fan of Fen Xing has the power to put out the blaze, and that it's locked in the Iron King's arsenal. Sonic volunteers to retrieve it, though Li Moon thinks him more foolish than brave for doing so. The two Freedom Fighters take off to retrieve the fan, unaware that the Iron King and Queen are watching them magically at the Iron Fortress.

The Queen questions whether or not the two might be allies, but the King immediately senses that the pair intend to interfere in their plans. The Queen assures him that they need not worry, and determines that all they need is a "spoiler to add to the mix," and spots a likely candidate in her staff: Monkey Khan. Sonic and Tails continue towards the fortress, but the heat from Mount Stormtop begins to get to them as they spot clouds in the distance. Tails' concern about the possibility of a storm is brushed off by Sonic, only for lightning to strike near the pair. They are then confronted by the source -- Monkey Khan -- who warns them to go no further.

Sonic is confused, as his last meeting with Khan ended on a good note, only for the angry Monkey to begin attacking him again. The Hedgehog quickly senses that something is wrong, noting not only Khan's strange behavior but a weird glow emanating from his eyes. He tries to reason with Khan as the Monkey attacks him, trying to help him find another outlet for his rage. Amused by the display, the Iron Queen then appears, and informs Sonic that his efforts are useless-Khan's rage and temper have made him an easy victim of her Magitek. She claims that he is now unstoppable, though Sonic denies her claim, and then orders Khan to finish the Hedgehog off. Sonic realizes that he's in trouble, and Tails quickly determines that he as to act quickly to save his best friend. He flies towards the Iron Queen and breaks her staff, breaking her spell. Monkey Khan, freed from her control, asks what is going on, while the Iron Queen flees in rage over her defeat. Tails then examines her broken staff and finds several Power Rings that were installed in it, undoubtedly to amplify her powers.

Recognizing that they are dealing with dangerously powerful enemies, Khan is hesitant to press on, but Sonic takes the lead. Some time later, they arrive at the Iron Fortress, which Tails is unnerved by despite the bravado of his companions. They find their entrance unbarred, and begin to suspect that they're heading into a trap. Finding the arsenal, they prepare to enter it, only to be attacked by the Iron King wielding his Tremor Mace. Sonic orders Tails to find the fan, leaving Khan and himself to deal with the King. Tails sorts through the weaponry-everything from blades to missiles-and locates the fan, which he then gives to Sonic.

The Hedgehog then employs the magic of the artifact, blowing the Iron King out of the fortress and a good distance beyond that. The trio, impressed with the fan's powers, head back to Mount Stormtop to employ them one more time, only to run into the furious Iron Queen. Still displaying magical abilities despite her lost staff, she attempts to stop the heroes, but Sonic is able to extinguish the flaming mountain using the fan. Defeated, the Queen flees while swearing revenge, while the heroes land to be greeted by an overjoyed Li Yuen and Li Moon. After learning of Khan's role, Li Yuen mentions a prophecy of a great Monkey King, surprising Khan, which leads Sonic to complain about Khan getting the credit for his heroism.

Story Two[]

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - "The Ultimatum"

Sally enters a room where her father, King Maximillian Acorn, is waiting for her, and is informed that he wishes to speak to her given their recent lack of communication. Sally responds that she's long done whatever he's asked, but admits to a concern, which he identifies as her being worried about his judgement ever since he ordered the disassembly of the Robians. He points out that he wasn't in his right mind at the time and has since been quite generous to the group, only for Sally to object to his usage of the term "Robian", as she considers them to be Mobians like everyone else. After replying that not everyone feels the same, he informs her that he has brought her to him for other reasons, and leads her into a secret passageway. At the end of it, he reveals to her the pool that houses the Source of All, which he explains usually forms a bond with the heir to the House of Acorn beginning at their tenth commemoration.

Sally remarks that she was unable to do so do to the war with Robotnik, but Max brushes the matter aside and then informs her that she has a decision to make. She must now choose whether or not she wishes to rule in her father's stead, which if she does will require that she bind herself to the Source of All, becoming the first female heir to do so. Sally expresses her willingness, but Max then informs her that the decision also entails her finding a husband to rule by her side. With this in mind, Sally is quick to respond that she doesn't feel ready, and also feels that Sonic would probably run at the very suggestion, only to provoke an outraged response from her father. He then informs her that the Source of All would choose her spouse for her, as it was with him, and that if she chooses to undergo the ritual that Antoine has been selected as her husband. Believing that Sally has agreed, Max prepares to go speak with the young Freedom Fighter, but Sally stops him in his tracks.

She responds that while she's been willing to accept his counsel in terms of running the Kingdom of Acorn, she isn't about to give up the right to select her own husband. Max berates her for what he perceives as foolishness, and then informs he that if she doesn't agree to marry Antoine, then she will not be eligible to rule. Sally then leaves and asks for time to consider his proposal, and the irate Max allows it, but to himself realizes that if Sally decides not to go through with it, he needs to check on his other option.

Bonus Features[]

Pinup Pages/Activity Pages[]

"Super Sonic" Pinup

Pinup illustration of Super Sonic. Presented in black-and-white as a coloring page. Pencils by Jim Valentino, inks by Ken Penders, "after Shuster".


  • Sonic: "All you need is someone brave enough to get it!"
  • Li Moon: "Challenging the Iron King in his own fortress isn't brave -- it's stupid!"
  • Sonic: "Lucky for you, Sonic The Hedgehog can't tell the difference!"

  • Sonic: "Take five, Tails -- the humidity's really wearing me out!"
  • Tails: "It's not the humidity, it's the heat."
  • Sonic: "Nitpicker!"

  • King Acorn: "If Sally does not decide to go along, I'll need to know if my other option is still available!"

Key Events[]

  • Sonic and Tails defeat the Iron King and Queen.
  • The fire on Mt. Stormtop is extinguished by the Fan of Fen Xing.
  • The "Monkey King" prophecy is revealed to Monkey Khan.
  • King Acorn introduces Sally to the Source of All and claims that it has revealed that Antoine is to be her future husband.

Background Information[]

Cameos & References[]

  • This issue's pinup illustration is a parody of the cover of Superman #1.
  • Much of the plot of the first story references the seventh episode of Dragon Ball in which Goku and Bulma visit a mountain of fire which could be put out by a magic fan. The Iron King's possibly a parody of The Ox King.
  • While fighting Khan, Sonic says "To be the man, you gotta beat the man" and "So, what'cha gonna do when Sonic runs hog wild on you?!", references to catch phrases of pro wrestlers Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.
  • Alicia Acorn makes a cameo appearance in this issue, but does not make her first proper appearance until a flashback in StH #64.


  • "Prophecy" is misspelled "prophesy" in this issue.
  • Sonic says that the Iron Queen built Power Rings into her staff to "amplify her staff". This is most likely a misprint, as Sonic meant that it amplified her staff's powers.

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