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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

October 5, 1993

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Victor Gorelick
  • Paul Castiglia
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 6 was the sixth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"The Spin Doctor"

The Freedom Fighters stage a surprise attack on Robotnik, planning to shut him down once and for all, when they find out he's gone. A note on his factory door says he's moved to Mt. Mobius. Despite his friends' protest, Sonic heads out to confront Robotnik. He finds the fortress and some pinball rails, which confuses him until Robotnik knocks him into the lava with a pinball paddle. Sonic runs on the rails, easily dispatching the Badniks in his way as he heads into the Veg-O-Fortress.

Sonic jumps in a freight cart and meets two kangaroos, Hip and Hop along the way, and eventually reaches the third level. Sonic finds a container full of animals, but is forced to pass by them when he's attacked by botanical badniks. He jumps in a chute labeled "To Robotnik", but is launched out of the mountain. Tails catches him in the air, and Sonic reflects that he'll probably be facing off against the mountain fortress again someday.

Story Two[]

"Sonic's Christmas Carol" - Part One

"Rotor Cratchit", employee of "Mr. Scrooge", asks his boss for a one-day vacation for Christmas. Scrooge allows it on the condition of reducing Cratchit's five minute lunch break to one minute for the next ten years. Scrooge spends his night watching rubbish burning on TV until the ghost of his former partner-in-evil, Jacob Snarley, appears and tells him to change his evil ways. When Scrooge declines, Snarley warns him that he will be visited by three ghosts. Scrooge responds by destroying his TV.

That night, The Ghost of Christmas Past shows up and takes Scrooge back in time, where he is spending the day with Sonic and Uncle Chuck. Chuck leaves to fix lunch while the two kids are setting up the Christmas tree. Robotnik gets in Chuck's tractor, intending to knock the tree over and blame Sonic for it.

"Sonic's Christmas Carol" - Part Two

Sonic digs a ditch around the tree to protect it from the rampaging young Robotnik. Scrooge lunges forward, attempting to get revenge on the hedgehog, and lands face first in a bowl of pudding. Confused, he finds out he's in the present, in Cratchit's home. A present arrives for The Cratchits, which they deduce is from Scrooge. Scrooge laughs, as the present is a turkey-shaped bomb. Sonic takes the bomb from them and marks it "Return to Sender".

Scrooge again tries to get Sonic, but is pulled into the future. Robotnik sees himself and the Freedom Fighters as elders and almost repents when he learns that, by fighting, he ends up with nothing left in the world to rule over. Future Scrooge has a robot, however, that captures and defeats the old Freedom Fighters, making present Scrooge giddy over his eventually victory. His future self then receives a package marked "Return to Sender". Present Scrooge recognizes it as the bomb, but his future self opens it and it explodes.

Sonic wakes up to realize it was all a dream. Rotor informs him that he's almost slept through Christmas, and Sonic speeds off to wear a Santa outfit, flying through the air in a giant shoe pulled by reindeer as the Freedom Fighters sing carols and Robotnik cries out "Bah Humbot!"

Bonus Features[]

Short Stories[]

"Here Comes the Bribe!"

Sonic is surprised to find a letter from a fan demanding more Antoine appearances in the comic. As the letter goes on to congratulate Antoine and celebrate how great he is, Sonic gets suspicious. Sonic bursts into Antoine's room and finds him composing a letter to the fan, thanking the fan for writing the letter he asked for and explaining that he'll be sending him a paycheck.


  • Robotnik: "How Kanga-rude those two fugitives were! But I'll robotcize them after Sonic's demise!"
  • Hop: "Let's hop out of here, Hip!"
  • Hip: "I'm Hip, Hop!"

  • Sonic: "Like they say... 'All is Ferron love and war'..."

Key Events[]

Background Information[]

  • The main story is the comic tie-in to the video game Sonic Spinball. This story is the first adaptation of a Sonic video game in the comic's history.
  • This is the first issue where "Boomer" is called Rotor.
  • Two kangaroos named Hip and Hop make their debut in this issue, and appear once again in StH #40.

Cameos & References[]

  • Rexxon is probably named after the gas company, Exxon, due to him being a toxic oil monster.
    • It is also likely a reference to Roxxon, the massive petroleum corporation which appears in the shared Marvel Comics Universe.

Non-Canon Material[]

  • "Sonic's Christmas Carol" adapts A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Due to it simply being a humorous parody of the tale that has no connection with the main continuity, it is non-canon to the actual series.
    • Snively makes his first appearance in this story, but does not make a canonical appearance until StH #8.

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