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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

September 7, 1993

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Victor Gorelick
  • Paul Castiglia
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 5 was the fifth issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Olympic Trials and Errors" - Part One

Tails is watching Sonic the Hedgehog play baseball by himself. Sonic hits a ball, tries to catch it, but slams headfirst into an Olympic stadium created by Dr. Robotnik. A SWATbot challenges Sonic to the Olympic Games on the behalf of Dr. Robotnik and a offers a bet: if the Freedom Fighters win an event Robotnik will leave the planet forever, but if they lose they surrender to roboticization. Sonic accepts, certain his friends agree with his decision. Back at Freedom HQ, Sally is absolutely opposed to participating.

The team discusses the situation, Tails piping in that he wants to compete too. Antoine tells him he isn't good enough to compete, so Tails decides to secretly build a sculpture for the Freedom Fighters while they're away. Once the group arrives, a SWATbot explains to Robotnik that he stole Sonic's shoes and replaced them with energy-draining sneakers. Robotnik asks what he did with the sneakers, and the SWATbot replies that he threw them away. Robotnik, having planned to keep them as a trophy, smashes the SWATbot. Sonic gets ready for the games when he suddenly realizes he's incredibly tired and falls to the ground.

"Olympic Trials and Errors" - Part Two

The Freedom Fighters take Sonic's place in the events. Antoine competes in the long jump, but loses against Splats. Sally competes in the swimming challenge, but loses against an octopus robot. Finally, Boomer competes in the weight lifting challenge, but is beaten by a SWATbot. The Freedom Fighters have all lost, but Robotnik claims there is still one more game: a race against Robotnik's fastest Buzzbomber.

Meanwhile, Tails is looking for items to make his sculpture in the Robotropolis junk yard. He finds Sonic's shoes and rushes to the stadium to return them, but the race has already begun. Buzzbomber is in the lead, while Antoine is puffing along far behind. Sonic, re-energized, blows smoke in Buzzbomber's face, making him turn around and race backwards. Buzzbomber crosses the starting line as Antoine crosses the finish line.

Robotnik breaks his promise and attempts to roboticize the Freedom Fighters, so Sonic destroys the roboticizer and scares him off. Sonic thanks Tails for his help while Antoine lies on the ground, out of breath.

Story Two[]

"Chomp on THIS, Chump"

Sonic and Tails are trying to remove a spoon from Sally's pancake batter when Boomer tells them about an ad in a magazine for an ant farm. Boomer orders the ant farm, but it turns out to be a trap set by Dr. Robotnik. The next day, Boomer receives the ant-farm, but the "ants" were swapped for a giant pest, the Termite-Nator.

The Termite-Nator eats all the paper and wooden furniture in the Freedom HQ while the Freedom Fighters watch in distress. It turns out the Termite-Nator grows as it eats, and it will soon devour the entire forest. Sonic grabs Sally's cookbook and concocts the same pancake mix she made yesterday. He dashes to the Great Forest to get a log and stuffs the batter into the log. Sonic feeds the log to the Termite-Nator, sticking its mouth shut. Boomer discovers that the Termite-Nator is really a robot made by Robotnik, and he adjusts its wires to make it eat metal. They return it to Robotropolis, where it wreaks havoc.

Bonus Features[]

Short Stories[]

"Sonic's Ten Second Workout"

Sonic shows off his ten-second workout routine, spinning his feet for a few seconds, running on the walls and ceiling, and taking a few laps around the planet. Sonic suggests that, if his workout routine is too time consuming, Boomer's eight second workout is worth a shot. Boomer is hunched over, explaining that he takes eight seconds trying to reach his toes and the rest of the day trying to stand back up again.

"Fast Food!"

Sonic tells the audience that being super fast has its advantages. He demonstrates by eating his dinner before Sally can finish saying that it's getting cold. Sonic starts to feel ill and Sally carries in Sonic's dinner, asking why he ate their wax fruit bowl.


  • Antoine: "EN GARDE!" (slices a Z in Boomer's hat) "Z what I mean?"
  • Boomer: "*gulp!*"

  • Boomer: "My oak table...It's gone!"
  • Sally: "The ant ate it!"
  • Antoine: "Maybe it's an ant-eater!"
  • Sonic: "That's NOT an Ant at all, Ant...IT'S A TERMITE!"

  • Sonic: "Boomer turned Robotnik's bug into a metal muncher! Isn't that IRON-IC?"

Key Events[]

  • The Freedom Fighters defeat Dr. Robotnik at the Olympics.
  • The Freedom Fighters fight the Termite-Nator.

Background Information[]

  • The octopus bot in the Olympics story is based on the Octus badnik (known as Octar in Japan) from the Oil Ocean Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Robotnik also replaces Sonic's sneakers to slow him down in the video game Sonic Labyrinth.
  • This marks the first mentioning of the station R.B.V. (Robotnik Belly Vision) which would be mentioned or shown throughout the early comics. It later reappeared again in the Complete Sonic Encyclopedia.
  • This is the first issue written by Angelo DeCesare.


  • In one panel, Rotor's muzzle is miscolored purple.

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