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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Date Published 

January 1996

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist
  • Scott Fulop
Managing Editor
  • Victor Gorelick
Editor in Chief
  • Richard Goldwater
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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 32 was the thirty-second issue of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Story One[]

"Blast from the Past" - Part One

While on a mission in snowy terrain, the Freedom Fighters are attacked by a group of SWATbots led by Muttski, Sonic's roboticized pet dog. Sonic tries to reason with him, and Muttski turns around along with the SWATbots and leaves the group alone. Hoping Muttski had regained his free will, Sonic begins to run after him. Uncle Chuck tells Sonic to leave them alone, revealing that he used some of Robotnik's secret codes to call off the attack.

Chuck tells him that, while his mind is free, Muttski is still Robotnik's slave and his ability to catch Sonic's scent makes him a dangerous adversary. Antoine, eager to leave, trips and rolls right into an ice-filled chasm containing the frozen form of a Mobian Cave Bear. Naming the creature Mobie, the Freedom Fighters decide to take him back to Knothole and try to revive him.

"Blast from the Past" - Part Two

Using one of Robotnik's old Glaciators in reverse to melt the ice, Rotor plans to thaw Mobie out slowly. Sonic accidentally speeds up the device's work by bumping it. The ice thaws and Mobie wakes up and goes on a rampage, attacking Princess Sally. Antoine steps in front of Mobie to protect Sally and threatens to fight him, only for Bunnie to grab Mobie and stick him on the high perch of a tree. Rotor convinces the group the Mobie is probably just scared by the strange new world he's found himself in.

Bunnie remembers that Mobie was holding a paintbrush when they found him in the block of ice and decides to try and communicate with him through art. She hands him a drawing of Sonic and herself holding hands with Mobie, which reminds Mobie of his family. Mobie tears off in search for his family, leaving a reluctant Sonic to chase after him.

"Blast from the Past" - Part Three

Sonic finds Mobie in the mountains, surrounded by SWATbots, and comes to his rescue. He spins so fast that he creates a whirlwind, knocking out the SWATbots, but leaving him so dizzy that he crashes into a wall and passes out. Muttski slowly approaches Sonic, ready to attack, while Mobie watches. Mobie picks Sonic up before Muttski can attack. Sonic wakes up to see Mobie about to crush Muttski with a rock and shouts for Mobie's attention.

Sonic draws a picture of himself and Muttski in the dirt and hope Mobie understands. Mobie picks up Muttski and presents him to Sonic. The group returns to Knothole, where Uncle Chuck restores Muttski's free will. Chuck then suggests relocating Mobie to the Mobian Jungle, an environment more to his liking. Sonic and Muttski bid Mobie farewell, and Sonic asks Muttski to give Mobie his paw. Muttski's paw falls off in Mobie's hand.

Story Two[]


Finding themselves in the Grand Conservatory, the Chaotix are greeted by Archimedes, who reveals that he is awaiting Knuckles. Knowing of their desire for answers, he frees them from the chamber in which they were held, providing a corridor that leads them right to him. The Chaotix are then shocked as his true nature is revealed to them.

Story Three[]

"Tundra Road" - Part Two

Close to drowning in the Frozen North Sea, Rotor is rescued by none other than Sealia of the Arctic Freedom Fighters. Explaining to him how she discovered him while fishing and saved him with help from Augustus, she is in turn treated to the story of how he ended up in the water. Desperate to get help, Rotor asks her to assemble her teammates, only to be informed that Guntiver, Erma, and Flip are all far away, and that the team was just getting settled back into normal lives. Exasperated, he tries to convince her, only to anger the arriving Augustus.

After calming down, the Polar Bear agrees that something needs to be done. The trio sneak into Robotnik's cavern using a Trojan Horse, and make quick work of Robotnik's Icebots. However, he then sicks the brainwashed Walrus Herd on them, forcing them to retreat. With some quick thinking on Augustus' part, they trap the herd on an ice floe, which Rotor tosses a tracker on to as a precaution against losing them. Rotor then returns to Knothole, with Augustus and Sealia promising to keep an eye on the herd and contact him.

Bonus Features[]

Gag Strips[]

"The Adventures of Scott & Paul"

Scott Fulop finds Dan Parent and Bill Golliher fighting just outside his office. He asks them why they're fighting, and they explain that he told them to use their knuckles to throw 48 punches in a special fight. Scott explains that they misheard him, and what he actually said was that the next 48 page special issue would feature Super Sonic vs Hyper Knuckles in a fight. Art by Bill Golliher.


  • Tails: "Look! Antoine is doin' a Sonic Spin!"

  • Mobie: "Arrrrrggggghhhhh!!"
  • Rotor: "I don't think that's early Mobian for 'Thanks for reviving me'!"
  • Sonic: "Careful! He's got eight thousand year old morning breath!"

  • Sonic: "I told you we should have left the big dope frozen!"
  • Antoine: "Sonic is right! He is ze librarian!"
  • Sally: "I think you mean barbarian, Antoine!"

Key Events[]

  • The Freedom Fighters find and revive an ancient bear, who was preserved in ice in a cave.
  • Muttski regains his free will.
  • Rotor Walrus, along with two of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, Sealia and Augustus, attempt to free the Walrus Herd from Robotnik's mind control by blowing up Robotnik's artic base.

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